Notes on ratings / BGMs

Rating will go from 1-10, with 5 being ‘acceptable’. While scores may at first appear low, it’s really only scores below 5 that represent a poor performance, and a score of 10 would be exceptionally rare, requiring a legendary variety performance.

Briefly, the scale is along these lines:

10 = Legendary. 9= Brilliant 8=Excellent 7=Very Good 6=Good 5=Average/Mediocre 4: Weak 3: Poor 2: Bad 1: Offensively bad 0: Please….no…

As such, it is more similar to movie ranking systems than an actual percentage score.

The staff review will be broken down into pre-production (how good the episode’s concept is), direction (how well the segments turn out), and post-production (how good the captions and music are).

The cast members reviews are based on how much each member contributed to the show, and of course how funny they are! As such, screen time is important, as being edited out can result in a low score.

Shows will be reviewed as they are watched, but grouped together by air-date for ‘competition’ purposes.

While ratings are certainly subjective, as someone who has seen nearly every episode of these programs I intend to aim for objectivity and fairness in reviewing despite having personal favorites.


Regarding BGMs, I will only be posting songs that are ‘featured’ in the episode – meaning songs that are used for a specific reason related to the on-screen action.

This means a lot of OST-type background music won’t be included in the main episode list, however I am happy to check specific songs if a request is made via the comments section (but please check the songs in the main list first, before asking!)



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