Running Man ep 210 – Big 7 Alkkagi Battle

Running Man ep 210 – Big 7 Alkkagi War

Aired: 8/24/2014


The members go to various talent agencies to recruit partners for an alkkagi competition.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

Very basic this week, as the episode was divided into just two main segments, recruiting and alkkagi, similar to the ddakji battle episode from earlier this year. Unfortunately, instead of college students it was C and D level celebs raided from talent agencies. Still, while the main concept was a bit dull there was nothing really -wrong- with it in concept at least.

Postproduction: 3

The editing, however, was a disaster. In a broad sense, the boring recruiting segment went on for far too long, but when your only other editorial choice is alkkagi, it’s hard to cut all the boring stuff out. Still, there was a lot of stuff left in that really shouldn’t have been on TV. A bigger issue, however, was the editing of the alkkagi games. I understand that it’s a very simple game and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but the editing at times just made the competition a confused mess where some games were cut completely, some were clipped, and during the ones they did show entire turns were randomly skipped without mention. In terms of visuals, there wasn’t much need for them, and in terms of music it was mostly just songs from the guests.

Songs Featured:

Miss A – Hush
Rose Motel & No Hong Chul – Call Me Oppa
Prodigy – Stand Up
Charice – Louder


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 5

Not a lot from Jae Suk this week, but just enough. His recruitment segment was so-so, as he had a few good jabs at his juniors but the premise got old pretty quickly. He was OK when MCing the game itself, but nothing special.

Kim Jong Kook: 3

Practically invisible for the entire episode. He just grabbed some announcers from SBS then did the game without any attempts at entertainment.

Ha Ha: 5

Probably had the most watchable recruiting segment with the basketball team, and was OK on the mic helping to MC during the alkkagi tournament.

Ji Suk Jin: 4

Had a few decent “feeble hyung” jokes here and there and helped out with his overdramatic MCing, but didn’t have much impact on the ep.

Lee Kwang Soo: 4

Fairly boring recruitment segment, but at least sort of tried to make the alkkagi game fun, even though it didn’t really work out all that well.

Gary: 3

Was Gary even in this episode? He did good at alkaggi but….not much else.

Song Ji Hyo: 4

Didn’t add anything useful to her recruiting segment, but she didn’t really have the best group to work with either. Didn’t do much during the game itself but was more talkative than she usually is in these types of episodes, which is a plus.


Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Won, AOA Sul Hyun, Kim Hwan, Won Hyo, Choi Bu Kyung, 2PM Jang Woo Jung, Lee Hye Jung + many, many others who appeared but weren’t official guests.

Joong Wan was his usual quirky self, but the guests this week were total variety duds.


Episode MVP: HaHa

Not much to choose from, but HaHa had the best solo segment and probably did the most to try to make the episode fun.


Final Score: 3

Very similar to the ddakji episode, except a lot more boring and edited much much worse. When an alkkagi tournament is your primary focus, things are already not looking too hot, but to then completely botch it in editing makes for a pretty painfully bad RM episode.


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