Running Man ep 209 – Triangle Mystery

Running Man ep 209 – Triangle Mystery

Aired: 8/17/2014


The cast is joined from pop singers past and present to play team games related to a geometric mystery.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

Fairly average this week, some of the mini-games were basic but fun (water ball, mud wrestling) and the team pairings worked well together. The final game however was a big let down, as the big ‘mystery’ was just a simple ‘matchstick’ puzzle that’s commonly done by elementary children.

Postproduction: 5

Good editing this week that removed or clipped segments as needed to maintain the episode’s flow, and the graphics were bright and fun. The soundtrack mostly featured the guest’s songs, which is to be expected, but they also tended to repeat the same 1-2 songs rather than mixing it up a bit more.

Songs Featured:

Skull & HaHa – Busan Vacance
Shinee – Lucifer
Sistar – Touch My Body
Turbo – Black Cat
Sechs Kies – The Way This Guy Lives
HOT – Candy
NRG – I Can Do It
GOD – Observation
HOT – Hope
NRG – Hit Song
EXO – Growl
Taemin – Danger
Turbo – Honeymoon


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 6

Another good solid week for Jae Suk, who did as well as could be expected as MC with so many guests, and also provided some quality body gags – including the hilarious ‘mud dip’ gag with Jong Kook.

Kim Jong Kook: 6

Jong Kook was quite good this week, serving as the ‘straight man’ for many of the gags and interacting well with his team of fellow pop ahjussis.

Ha Ha: 4

HaHa was one of the funnier members during the intro segments, but sort of faded out as the episode went on, due to the large number of guests.

Ji Suk Jin: 4

Followed Jae Suk to a few decent gags, but was mostly quiet.

Lee Kwang Soo: 6

Worked quite hard this week, providing a lot of energy and gags in the water and wrestling segments. Was also one of the few members to be somewhat funny during the final puzzle segment.

Gary: 4

Practically invisible for much of the episode, he did have a few OK moments in the mud but nothing special.

Song Ji Hyo: 5

Her luck during the guessing game segment was fun, and she generally seemed more energetic and willing to work than usual.



Shinee Tae Min, EXO Kai and Se Hoon, Sistar Soyou, Eun Ji Won, Moon Hee Jun, Danny Ahn, Chun Myung Hoon

Hee Jun and Ji Won were by far the best of the guests this week, which comes as no surprise. Hee Jun in particular really stole the show at times and the episode would have suffered tremendously had he not been present. Younger fans might not realize it, but Hee Jun was a super serious/mysterious femme type idol in his day, which makes his chubby goofiness extra fun. The rest of the guests were just background props that did the games and little else.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

Another relatively close week, but again Jae Suk edged out the others due to his gag creativity and ability to work with a wide variety of guests and members.


Final Score: 5

A very basic Running Man episode, but the mood was light and the energy was good which made it enjoyable. Unfortunately the ending was a major let down considering the build up that led to it.


3 thoughts on “Running Man ep 209 – Triangle Mystery

  1. I laughed so hard during the mud wrestling, and then again when Ji-won tried to cheat by hiding his rock. I agree that the final game was lackluster though…. after all that build-up, you’d think they’d do something more entertaining. It ended really low-key, which was a shame. It could have been a fantastic episode all the way through otherwise.


    • Yeah I am with you, it was good to see that “Eun Choding” hasn’t completely changed his ways. And the ending was just “oh here’s a kid’s puzzle, and a clue that tells you half of the answer”..not exactly a fulfilling main event.

      I’ve noticed a slight trend the past few months where RM seems to be getting away from clever games in favor of simple, more open ended ones where Jae Suk can sort of MC his usual old-school variety style without the restrictions of an ongoing group game. It’s interesting to consider whether this is a planned change in reaction to the ratings problems, a sign that the writing staff is out of ideas, or just a seasonal group of fun “summer” style shows.


      • I’ve noticed that too with Running Man. Actually, I’ve noticed this from the very beginning. It’s like they’ll take a certain theme (Hide and Seek chase, superpowers/story-telling, contest between colleges/idols/groups, mystery/spies/Yoo Bond, guest/Ji Hyo/Random member centric, MC/guest heavy/nothing-matters-but-the-final-game) but rather than spread them out with a hide/seek game one week, a storytelling theme the next, a contest between colleges/idols, etc. . . they tend to have long stretches of the same theme, and reuse it over and over again, with only minimal changes.This usually lasts a month or two (with slight deviations), then they’ll go back to one of their previous themes, and repeat. It’s like they recycle rather than mix things up. Right now they seem to be on a MC heavy/oldschool variety show kick, but eventually, they’ll return to a different one, and this theme will re-enter the cycle.

        I still remember when they had the ball-draw and gave out punishments, or when the final game almost always came down to the chase, or when the 1-vs-7 was popular. Whenever something’s successful on this show, they reuse it constantly until it stops being original and fun, and only then move on to something else. It’s been a theme with them for a long time now, which is one of my main frustrations with the show. They have all the ingrediants, they just suck at using them effectively.


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