1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 34 – Summer Camp #1

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 34 – Summer Camp #1
Aired: 8/10/2014


The members race to the base camp with ice statues, and whoever has the most ice remaining wins dinner.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

A good solid base concept this week, with the ice melting race providing ample opportunity for the members to come up with creative ways to help their statues survive the trip. The citizen interactions were also fun and well thought out. On the downside, the ice race mini-games were a bit mundane, and the episode needed a lot of rules fudging in order to work – something that’s becoming a bit of a trend on 1N2D of late. It was also a very long episode, clocking in at around 105 minutes, and as a result there was a fair bit of filler included (although this was usually spaced out well enough to not become an issue).

Postproduction: 6

Similar to last week, the production quality was generally high although a bit below usual 1N2D standards. There was also a stretch where the postproduction audio vanished, although it’s unclear whether this was on the main show or just the copy sent to overseas online streamers. It was kind of creepy without sound effects or music, though.

Featured Music:

Rain – Ways to Avoid the Sun
1TYM – Hot
Sweet Sorrow – No Matter How I Think About You
Portable Groove 09 – Amelie
Byun Jin Sub – Like the Birds
DJ Doc – Murphy’s Law
Randy Edelman – MacGyver Theme
Ting Tings – Shut Up and Let Me Go
Clazziquai – She Is
Defconn – Hip Hop Kindergarten


Cast Scores 

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

The best member again this week, Tae Hyun took the lead for his team with Joon Young and provided plenty of energy and good reactions throughout the episode. Also took the initiative to think outside the box and visit his own house unexpectedly, which created some fun scenes.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Teamed with his usual Joon Ho combi, Jong Min seemed a bit lazy in the first half as he just sort of settled for doing the babo act without much creativity. He did well once they got to the basecamp though, and took charge of the water hose segment to provide some amusing bits.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 5

Teamed with Defconn, the duo was perhaps the least active in terms of trying to be funny, but also seemed the most comfortable together. While he didn’t do much of note this week, Joo Hyuk’s natural reactions and enjoyment of the trip were a benefit to the episode’s atmosphere.

Kim Jun Ho: 5

Along with Jong Min, seemed to be content to go with the default babo gimmick for most of the episode. Stretched it a bit into the unbelievable at times (thinking salt preserved ice…even a child knows better) but did enough during the mini-games and at the basecamp to get by.

Defconn: 5

Took the lead in his partnership with Joo Hyuk, and tried to keep the conversations going as much as possible, even though nothing special came out of them. Worked particularly well with the citizen guests, too.

Jung Joon Young: 5

Didn’t contribute a lot individual, but followed Tae Hyun’s lead well enough and as a result his group had the majority of the fun moments.



Staff and citizens.

Episode MVP: Cha Tae Hyun

While his performance wasn’t anything legendary, he showed good initiative throughout and did a good job leading the less experienced Joon Young. I’m sure the PDs were very pleased with his work this week.


Final Score: 6

Good episode that didn’t have any real highlights, but was well organized and entertaining for most of the show. Would have benefited greatly from a shorter run-time, however, as the super long edit somewhat minimized the sense of urgency to the race – it seemed more like a comfortable stroll in the park at times.


7 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 34 – Summer Camp #1

  1. Honestly overall, do you think the cast members are more entertaining in this season or season 1? I find them funny (way better than s2 obviously), but I think they aren’t as… innovative maybe? It’s harder to find them doing funny/entertaining stuff outside the set segments, although I do think they’re improving lately.


    • For me, the short answer would be ‘no, not at all’. The season one cast was not only a bit higher level in variety terms, but each member had a personality that was important to the group dynamic. It was a pretty miraculous combination of luck and casting. This was also one the major flaws of season 2 in my opinion – 2/3’s of the cast were ‘straight men’, serious or quiet types that mostly just went with the flow. The current cast is much better in this aspect, but still not as dynamic as season 1.

      The other big issue with season 2 for me was that it became very focused on set segments, as you mentioned, compared to Season 1 where the travel itself was often the best part. This was due to the member cameraderie, but also to the -way- it was filmed back then, with a lot more cinema verite style with car cams and handhelds chasing the members around, etc.

      Season 3 so far seems to be somewhere in between the two so far, although it’s still quite game-heavy in terms of airtime. There’s more in-travel segments than last season, but the games are still the main focus and I agree fully that the members have been a bit hit or miss at making fun conversations that don’t fizzle out immediately.

      Thanks for reading!


    • Oh also I want to add that the run-time bloat is a big factor in this as well. Season one usually ran around 60-75 minutes and could be edited much more tightly as a result. I know I complain about this a bit in the reviews, but it’s really getting ridiculous – 100+ minutes for a variety show is just way too long 😦


      • Ahh, I see what you mean. They really were lucky with that combination. The only one I would say fell short a bit was Kim C and Jongmin when he came back from the army.

        Oh and about the running time, I totally agree. I actually find myself skipping huge portions of the episodes

        Another thing I was thinking was that I remember you saying that during the teacher special no one really stood out or maybe pairings were wrong and I think that’s another aspect they fall through on. Hodong and Yoo Jae Suk for example are so good at drawing out peoples interesting qualities and making someone potentially not very entertaining on their own stand out much more. S1 produced some really good interactions with citizens. I think Taehyun is probably the best at it so far.

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply 🙂


      • KimC was a bit mundane at times, but was useful as the quiet one too imo. Jong Min post-army was not great, haha. It seems that Ho Jin PD has been directly trying to recapture the feel of season 1 at times, going so far as to directly copy specific episodes. The casting for the new season was also “heavyset loudmouth”, “handsome young singer”, “quiet serious guy”, and “goofy gagman” which all have parallels to season 1 archetypes (hodong/defconn, joonyoung/seunggi, kimc/joohyuk, and sugeun/junho). I don’t think it’s a coincidence…

        Also a lot of people tend to hate on Hodong these days (and I am a YJS guy myself), but he was really a perfect fit for 1N2D back in the day. He was relentlessly energetic and excellent at citizen interactions as you mentioned, and I also feel this lack of a real leader/MC is a big part of what might be holding S3 back a bit. I’m not sure if you remember the first S1 viewer special, but the opening really demonstrates how great Hodong was at that time. And I agree that Taehyun is the best at it among the S3 cast, as he seems more easygoing and down to earth, but he’s mostly good at 1 to 1 interactions as opposed to leading large groups

        Anyway, sorry to write so much but I find the cast dynamics to be a really interesting aspect of these shows xD


      • I couldn’t reply to your latest reply so its up here ~

        I loooove long responses. I don’t really have anyone else to talk to about this kind of thing so I really enjoy seeing your opinions.

        That is interesting and I can’t beleive I didn’t notice it. Eun Ji Won is missing but I guess it’s hard to cast someone like him bc he somehow managed to not be extremely annoying with his choding character. But yeah, this season is a good combinationg, just lacking in… something. Energy + initiative maybe. And yeah, they seem to suffer without a leader, but some people have argued that that allows them all to shine better. But I don’t know if I agree b/c i think Hodong still allowed and even pushed people to give the best performance they could.

        And yeah Ho Dong was amazing in the viewer special. I think it would be very very hard for this season to do a huge one like that…
        Ho jin PD was in the first season, maybe that’s why he’s been drawing on some of the better aspects of the show.


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