Infinite Challenge 390 – Midnight in Seoul

Infinite Challenge 390 – Midnight in Seoul

Aired: 8/2/2014


Celebrities are invited to an overnight party with the IC cast.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

This episode was a last minute filming, and it showed – in terms of concept, it couldn’t have been simpler. It essentially became and old-school style talk/variety show (sounds familiar…) where the guests and members played games, danced, and so on. Nothing special in terms of direction, but it wasn’t a disaster either.

Postproduction: 7

Was actually quite good considering the time restraints, lots of old video clips and clever captions to help make the episode more vibrant. The music was basically old songs referenced by the cast, which was fine but nothing special.

Music featured:

Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out
g.o.d. – Light Blue Balloons
g.o.d. – Friday Night
Herbie Hancock – Rock It
Kim Won Jun – After Everyone Went To Sleep
g.o.d. – Sorrow
Los Lobos – La Bamba
Song Chang Sik – Ganadara
Um Jung Hwa – Festival


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 6

As MC for the party, Jae Suk had by the far the most screen time, and did a solid job of coordinating the huge group as best as possible. He also did well in including the guests and encouraging them to participate, the talent he’s likely most famous for as an MC. Didn’t have much time to be funny himself, though.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Nothing memorable, but Myung Soo managed to stay involved with his angry persona and occasion gags.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

One of the members that got mostly drowned out, his most memorable moment was being made fun of for looking like kkangpae.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Faded in and out a bit, but had good reactions and was involved in the early prank segment, which was probably the best part of the episode.

Ha Ha: 5

HaHa was quite good during the opening phonecalls and prank segments, but didn’t have much impact in the rest of the episode.

No Hong Chul: 4

Never seemed to get anything going other than a handful of snappy remarks.



Park Joon Young, Lee Kook Ju, Hong Jin Young, Kim Je Dong, Ryu Seung Soo, Nam Chang Hee, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn, Kim Won Jun

Mixed bag of guests here, which is expected given the size of the group. The standouts were Jin Young and Gook Ju, who played very important parts in keeping the energy and jokes going , respectively. Joon Young was also pretty funny for being a relic from a lost age. The rest had moments here and there but didn’t get a lot of air time.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

Not much more to comment on here, it was just MC Yoo doing his usual good work with a large cast.


Final Score: 5

Another episode that seemed rushed and not entirely planned out, and another one that was fine for the most part. It was an energetic group, but the format was extremely basic and the guest list could have used a few comedians to help out the members and Gook Ju. Not bad, though.


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