Running Man ep 207 – Bignose & Friends

Running Man ep 207 – Bignose & Friends

Aired: 8/3/2014


Suk Jin’s friends from variety shows past join him to take on the Running Man cast in a head-to-head team battle.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

While the concept itself was a lot of fun, there was really not much thought put into the episode itself this week. The games were all very basic and relied entirely on the cast and guests to make them entertaining, and the ending was a bit strange, with the team that lost ending up with a 98% chance of winning the prize (statistically anyway). While it’s not always a bad thing for the staff to get out of the way and let the cast do their thing, it was a little too much in this episode as a bit more thought put into the games would have helped take some of the onus off of the cast.

Postproduction: 5

Fairly standard in every aspect, although the music was extremely generic at best, and a step back from the improvements of recent weeks. It’s interesting how often the “low key” shows without a special theme or big name guests tend to get a much less polished production as well.

Songs Featured:

Sorea Band – One to Five and Sing
Peppertones – Balance
Blur – Song #2
Pharrell – Happy
Delispice – Chau Chau


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 6

Good work from Jae Suk as usual, instigated some fun in the bus and worked plenty of body gags and comedy bits with Soo Hong, Jong Kook, and others. Typical solid YJS performance.

Kim Jong Kook: 5

Had a few decent moments with his nagging and working the slapping gag with Jae Suk and Soo Hong, but otherwise mostly just stayed within his usual comfort zone.

Ha Ha: 4

Although he wasn’t really bad and had a few decent comments here and there, Ha Ha was one of the members that seemed the most drowned out by the quality guests – which is pretty much expected for him in these situations.

Ji Suk Jin: 5

Had a decent episode, but possibly a bit disappointing considering how it was partially focused around him. Was chatty and did well at leading his team but didn’t really manage anything too memorable.

Lee Kwang Soo: 5

Was kept pretty quiet at times, but did enough in the mud and slide segments to stay visible.

Gary: 6

Surprisingly, this was one of Gary’s more solid episodes in quite awhile, as he was not only energetic but full of jokes as well (for Gary anyway). Had good reactions and was generally one of the better members across most of the segments.

Song Ji Hyo: 4

Typical Ji Hyo performance, not terrible but also not on the same level as most of the other members (as well as the guests this week). Did her thing and was energetic but didn’t contribute a whole lot. The one segment focused on her was the “ideal type elimination” segment on the bus, and that was cut entirely after the first two choices, after Gary got his jokes in.



Park Soo Hong, Nam Hee Suk, Kim Je Dong, Kim Hee Chul, Lee So Yeon

A very experienced group, all of them were solid and had good moments but none really stood out a great deal. Soo Hong was babo, Hee Suk was grumpy, Je Dong was offended, and Hee Chul was witty, pretty much exactly what was expected of them.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

As the games and structure were left very simplistic, a lot of the responsibility for making the show work fell on MC Yoo’s shoulders once again, and he did a good job once again. Lots of cast and guest members contributed this week, but Jae Suk was at the forefront of much of the better moments.


Final Score: 5

The efforts of the cast were overall pretty good, while the format was extremely basic. It’s beginning to seem as if this may be part of an intentional plan by the RM staff, as a lot of recent episodes have minimized the complexity of the games in favor of a more MC-focused “old school” type of variety format. Not bad, but watching people play gonggi and run around a slide for 30+ minutes isn’t going to be awesome no matter how good the guests are.


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