Infinite Challenge 389 – Bangkok Tour

Infinite Challenge 389 – Bangkok Tour

Aired: 7/26/2014


The members receive a free tour of “Bangkok” as a reward for their efforts in racing, and struggle to endure the day.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

The opening prank segment had a lot of potential, but the members were on to it a bit too easily for it to work well. The rest of the episode was very much and old school variety format, with the members enduring a number of silly challenges. Some were more fun than others and the general theme was decent, but overall this was a very basic episode from a planning standpoint.

Postproduction: 5

A few fun graphics and captions but the episode itself did not really require much in the way of postproduction.

Music featured:

Standing Egg – Run Away
Bedroom Audio – Not Telling Her


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk didn’t have to do much MCing this week and was mostly just another member, and did fine in that regard.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Got a few solid gags in along the way although nothing really stood out.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

One of the better members, he was active and entertaining across nearly all of the segments.

Jung Hyung Don: 6

Energetic and full of activity throughout this gag-centric episode.

Ha Ha: 5

A bit up and down from segment to segment, but mostly fine.

No Hong Chul: 5

Again similar to HaHa, Hong Chul had some good gags at times (mostly in the water and pain enduring segments) and was quiet in others, but was solid overall.



A number of gag guests, including several staff members and “Mike”, the Thai tour guide for the day.

Episode MVP: Jung Hyung Don

During the election arc Hyung Don was in favor of a return to old school formats where light-hearted jokes and body gags take priority, as that is where he is strongest as a variety performer. This week’s episode was exactly that, and Hyung Don led the way as expected.


Final Score: 5

Sort of a filler episode, this wasn’t particularly bad or good. The opening prank was fun in concept but undone a bit by the members suspicions, and the rest of the episode was a fairly typical gag-fest. Everyone contributed well enough and the atmosphere was good, but nothing really stood out either.


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