1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 30 – Teacher All Stars

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 30 – Teacher All Stars #1
Aired: 7/13/2014


The members pair up with high school teachers, and race to Geojedo for lunch and bokbulboks.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 7

Although this week’s concept was fairly simple, it was also quite well executed. Having the members go in person to the schools was a good energetic start to the episode, as well as shrewd logistics, as the teen demographics is one that 1N2D would very much like to have more interest from. The teachers were a bit hit an miss as usual for citizen guests, but overall did a pretty good job and did not detract in any way from the episode. Having a simple but easily followed format of openings/race/games allowed the episode to maintain a crisp pace, and while there were no moments of real hilarity, the mood was light and fun throughout.

Postproduction: 6

Good use of colorful graphics and split screens, but the music was a bit disappointing by KBS standards – although the JBs song was a really nice surprise.

Featured Music:

Jung Joon Young – Teenager
Lee Hong Ki – I’m Saying (Heirs OST)
Sugarbabes – Hanging on a Star
Sugarbabes – No Can Do
Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild
Lee Hyun Sik – Unforgettable Highschool Memories
Buga Kingz – The Winner
PIA – From This Black Day
Cho Yong Pil – Come Back to Busan Port
Jung Il Woo – Ska? Ska? Polka!
45 RPM – Enjoy Life
Maceo and the Macks – Cross the Tracks


Cast Scores 

Cha Tae Hyun: 7

Another very good performance from Tae Hyun, who was not only energetic as always, but proactively funny with his pranks and jokes as well. Additionally, he was one of the members that worked the best with their guest partner, which is no easy task where non-entertainers are concerned.

Kim Jong Min: 6

Jong Min was late to his opening and missed a really good opportunity with the students as a result, but was otherwise fine. He was one of the funnier members during the bokbulboks, and did a very good job with his guest partner as well.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 5

Joo Hyuk was actually quite funny in the opening, but got stuck with a dud partner and didn’t make much impact during the second half of the episode.

Kim Jun Ho: 6

Opposite to Joo Hyuk, Jun Ho was pretty average in the first half of the episode, but had one of the better member performances in the games segment at the end, where his English charades gags were a highlight.

Defconn: 5

Started out pretty strong, interacting well with the students and teacher, but was just so-so once the teams got to Geojedo.

Jung Joon Young: 6

A solid week from Joon Young, who had some good jokes at the expense of the students early on, and then was active in trying to prank the other with Tae Hyun during the lunch segment. He also worked well with his partner, who seemed pretty nervous for much of the episode.



Six high school teachers, roughly divided into “handsome”, “funny” and “oddball” groups. Some were better than others, but none were especially great or terrible.

Episode MVP: Cha Tae Hyun

Tae Hyun is an interesting variety character, as he often just laughs and reacts, and is not really what one would consider to be an MC or leader among members, but when he compliments his energy with a more active comedic approach, the results are often very good. A show that both pits the members against each other and involves civilian guests were a good match for his mischievous and light hearted personality, and he led the way admirably.


Final Score: 6

A good, solid episode with a simple but enjoyable concept, the episode lacked in big laughs and was a bit awkward at times, but was energetic and  fun from start to finish.



5 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 30 – Teacher All Stars

  1. no offence but sometimes i feel that you are biased to 2D1N…. it’s ur website, so ur opinion. just sharing my thoughts.


  2. Even as a IC fan, 1N2D has indeed been the most consistently entertaining variety program for a number of weeks now. This season’s 1N2D certainly didn’t start out so brilliantly, but I’ve been heartened at how the PDs and the cast has improved since. I believe the show will continue to produce very enjoyable episodes and I for one am glad for it.


    • I agree, there have definitely been some ups and downs this season for 1N2D but it seems to have really begun to gel post-ferry disaster. I am primarily an IC ‘fan’ as well, but I’m happy with good television regardless of the source. Also, 1N2D’s production quality has been excellent – an important factor I feel many people tend to overlook.


  3. It’s true, yea that’s exactly the point where the show began to noticably go up a notch. 1N2D generally come off as better produced in its editing. I appreciate their use of DSLR shots and (more varied and frequent) use of licensed soundtracks that just adds value to each episode.

    I recall IC’s “Telepathy Special” and RM “Find the Girl” as being one of the better edited episodes I’ve been fond of. But I find 1N2D to have consistenly better production value in each episode as compared to their variety show peers.


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