1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 29 – Escape the Heat Trip #2

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 29 – Escape the Heat Trip #2
Aired: 7/6/2014


The members conclude their ill-planned mutiny, then compete in the sleep and morning bokbulboks.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 8

In terms of show structure and directorial finesse, this was probably the best episode of 2014 to date. The pseudo-reality of the member ‘mutiny’ was an interesting change of pace, and a good way to open the episode. The next segment was the sleeping bokbulboks, which were the only part of the episode that was formulaic (and a bit dull). Once the sleeping began, however, this episode really took off. The “hot” team’s vain attempts to win games to lessen their suffering was really well constructed and implemented – having the PD just waiting outside the room with the game props, knowing they will eventually try to escape was a really good touch that added a lot to the comedy of the segment. The ‘secret’ morning mission was also inspired variety material, and suddenly playing the ‘Congratulations’ song without explanation once Tae Hyun eventually picked up the flag made the segment that much more fun. Giving him the greatest of all 1N2D rewards (go home early ticket) also really built the comedic tension for the well done bokbulbok “elimination” segment that followed, where members had their own chances to leave early, while the losers had to endure progressively more difficult shoots. Adding a tangible risk/reward to the segments also tends to get the best out of the members as well. Overall, other than the average sleeping game segment, this episode was lively, creative, and well crafted down to the smallest detail.

Postproduction: 6

A bit of a strange episode for the postproduction, as the first half had very little in the way of music or graphics, while the second half was loaded with them. Usual good KBS quality, although some of the songs have been used a lot in recent episodes.

Featured Music:

Max Steiner – Theme From a Summer Place
Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing
Wondermints – Austin Powers
Vangelis – Chariots of Fire
Kim Kwang Jin – The Letter
Kim Sung Hyun – Weekend Trip
Bellini – Samba de Janeiro
Love Holic – Dream of a Doll
Yoo Seung Chan – Love You (Mom’s Dead Upset OST)
Miryang Arirang (Traditional Song)
Cliff Richard – Congratulations
Mad Soul Child – Dear
Frank Mills – Valse Classique
Yang Hee Eun – Morning Dew
Talented Boy – Sunday


Cast Scores 

Cha Tae Hyun: 7

Considering Tae Hyun was not featured in the sleeping segment, and left early as well, he had a terrific performance this week. When he was on screen, Tae Hyun’s energy really led the way, particularly in the mutiny and morning mission segments. He was also a bit more verbal than usual this week, which adds a lot to his already great reactions.

Kim Jong Min: 6

Good solid episode from Jong Min, who contributed well to the sleeping and morning bokbulbok segments. Mostly he was just stayed with his usual babo character, but didn’t overdo it too much this week.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 6

Joo Hyuk was a bit quiet in the first half of the episode, but livened up a lot after the morning began. His stories about past film shoots were fun, and his gong segment body gag was one of the episode’s highlights. His scramble to defeat Joon Young at the end was great as well.

Kim Jun Ho: 6

Although he remained toned down a lot from the previous shoot, Jun Ho still gave a solid performance from start to finish. He was probably the best member of the worst segment, and was otherwise solid if not spectacular.

Defconn: 6

Defconn was good this week as well, despite missing some screen time due to sleeping outside and leaving second. He was one of the key members in the opening mutiny segment, where his new ‘worried pig’ character added some humor to their predicament. He was also good in the bokbulboks, and had some decent one liners as well.

Jung Joon Young: 7

Similar to the episode as a whole, Joon Young started slowly but picked up steam in the second half. His attempts to cheat his way out of the hot room, barricading Jun Ho inside, losing at the morning games, and finally hamming it up with some body gags at the end were all highlights. By far his best variety performance so far.



Other than staff, none.

Episode MVP: Jung Joon Young

Joon Young has taken awhile to find his variety persona, but this episode really demonstrated a lot of progress in a short time frame. His variety personality is a bit more complicated than most, as it’s sort of a strange combination of cool, weird, competitive and aloof. It really worked this week though, and Joon Young also began to take a more active role in making funny things happen, from playing a key role in encouraging the mutiny to barricading Jun Ho in the sauna room. If he can keep this up and conquer his inconsistency, Joon Young could actually end up being one of the members most important to the show as a whole.


Final Score: 8

The PDs have openly been trying to get back to the ‘roots’ of season 1, which is not exactly the easiest of tasks due to that season’s high levels of PD quality and member chemistry. However, this week’s episode was the closest they’ve come to recapturing that feel to date, as the members are beginning to seem more comfortable in their roles and the staff did a really excellent job of planning and editing. While not perfect, this was probably the best episode of Season 3 so far as a whole.



3 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 29 – Escape the Heat Trip #2

  1. It was nice to see JJY so involved in this episode. He certainly stepped up during this trip. My favorite moment was during the time when they had to play games to momentarily escape from their heated room. JJY initiating KJHo’s “cramps” cracked me up. You can see how the three of them (KJM included) quickly read each other’s mind (and motive) and acted on it. I hope it means that they are getting closer with each other. Great review, by the way. ^^


    • I agree, it was a unexpected, but nice surprise to see JJY so active in creating fun moments this week. Until now he’s mostly had a tendency to just sort of react to the others, so not only taking the lead but doing it well is hopefully encouraging for him. It’s a lot of fun watching the cast develop as time goes by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really loved this episode too, it was funny from start to finish, and watching the crew laugh over their crazy demands was hilarious. I especially love how JJY finally lost in the end – it was gratifying after watching him escape so many punishments before now.

    Liked by 1 person

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