Running Man ep 203 – Client & Fixer

Running Man ep 203 – Client & Fixer

Aired: 7/6/2014


The guests from last week return, and play some games while one team attempts to succeed a spy mission.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

Another “secret mission” episode like many of the rest, where one team of two tries to complete their task without the others finding out. All too often the staff seems to sort of settle for cheesy or extremely simple games in these episodes, as the focus is more on the ‘real’ mission. However, this really doesn’t help make the show more enjoyable to watch in any way. This week was no exception, with games such as “jumping up and down” and “guess the mandu” taking up tons of screen time. It didn’t help that the main ‘spy’ team repeatedly chose the more boring missions where options were presented, as the heavily cut bull riding and long jumping segments seemed a bit more entertaining than what was shown. The ending was also anticlimactic, and just sort of happened. In terms of positives, the pairings were decent and the editing was quite good, particularly in making innocent moments into situations where the spy team seemed as if they may be caught.

Postproduction: 4

As mentioned previously, there was some good editing, but the visuals and sound were pretty basic. The music work in particular seems to be getting lazier every week, with generic BGMs often being repeated multiple times throughout the episode.

Songs Featured:

Cho Yong Pil – Let’s Go On A Trip
Run DMC – You Be Illin
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters
Woodkid – Run Boy Run
Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 6

Although he wasn’t in the center of the action this week, Jae Suk nevertheless provided most of the episode’s funnier moments via his body gags – especially during the mechanical bull segment, where he really went above the call of duty.

Kim Jong Kook: 4

Did not appear much, but took a decent bump off the bull and sort of tried to talk a bit during the ice breaking game.

Ha Ha: 4

Disappointing performance from HaHa and Gyeonghwan, who had a lot of potential as a team but didn’t end up doing much that made air. Had a few OK conversations in the car to save him from complete obscurity.

Ji Suk Jin: 5

Suk Jun was actually hilarious early on, with his investment tips (six legged chickens!) and overacting at the rock mother thing. Sort of disappeared as the show went on though.

Lee Kwang Soo: 5

Not sure what to make of Kwang Soo’s performance as the main character this week, as he was less obnoxious than usual (which is good) but also kind of boring (which is bad). His guest partner was almost better than him, which is generally not a good thing for a fixed member.

Gary: 4

Gary had a few decent moments and one-liners, but was mostly in the background for the majority of the episode.

Song Ji Hyo: 5

The nicest surprise of the episode was probably the unusual pairing of Ji Hyo and Suk Jin, who worked great together and contributed some much needed light hearted energy to the shoot.



APink Bomi + Naeun, Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Cha Yuram, Baek Sunghyun, Heo Gyunghwan, Fabien, Sam Ochiri

Ji Sung was the co-main this week with Kwang Soo, and actually did a pretty good job considering his inexperience in the variety format. Bomi’s ‘pack a day’ ajumma screeches were also pretty funny, and Sam and Fabien were energetic as usual. Jae Suk also got a few decent reactions out of Ji Hoon during the worm segments, but the rest of the guests basically did nothing this week.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

Even though Kwang Soo had much more airtime, Jae Suk really made the most of his segments and ended up providing many of the episode’s better moments.


Final Score: 4

Started off like it might be OK, but too much focus on the tepid ‘spy’ team, weak games, and a somewhat underwhelming ending took a lot of the steam out of this week’s show, which ended up being just another generic secret mission episode.


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