Infinite Challenge 385 – IC Cheerleading Squad In Brazil

Infinite Challenge 385 – IC Cheerleading Squad In Brazil

Aired: 6/29/2014


The Brazil team sleeps among crocodiles, and the two teams finally join up to tour Rio and attend the ROK – Algeria World Cup match.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

While the effects of the Gil disaster and stringent WC filming regulations again played a negative role, overall the episode was pretty decent conceptually and a big improvement from last week’s reaction-heavy episode. This episode was essentially a prank special, although less than half of them actually worked as intended. Still, the dinner segment where 3 or 4 pranks were happening at once was somewhat interesting at least. Sleeping at a crocodile farm was a great idea in concept, but the members seemed too exhausted to put much effort into the shoot. Similarly, the samba and Christ the Redeemer segments were solid ideas that just didn’t seem to come off well for whatever reasons. The time spent on the match reactions was much more appropriate this week, and did a good job of conveying the emotions felt by the members without spending 30+ minutes on it. Still, it’s a bit unfortunate that the ‘cheerleading special’ never actually managed to show any cheerleading….

Postproduction: 4

Seemed a bit rushed, the editing was pretty good but the sound and music and captions were just sort of there and didn’t really add a lot to the episode.

Music featured:

Baha Men – Night & Day
Bruno Mars – Treasure
Miki Nakashima – Fighter
The Ready Set – There Are Days
Gavin Degraw – Free


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Fairly decent performance from Jae Suk, who did well in the samba segment and had some decent reactions in the ‘van’ segment as well, but nothing special this week.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Similar to Jae Suk, Myung Soo had some decent moments here and there but nothing that really stood out.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

Definitely the best member this week, as he was the only one of the Brazil team that seemed energetic enough to really try to create some decent footage. Took the lead in the croc and airport segments, and was decent in the dinner and samba segments as well.

Jung Hyung Don: 4

Seemed very tired, slept through most of the crocodile segment and was mostly a background character in the rest.

Ha Ha: 4

Seemed to be the primary victim of the large cast, as he wasn’t bad but never really had a single memorable moment either.

No Hong Chul: 4

Like Hyung Don, Hong Chul seemed very tired and mostly was content to let the others do most of the work this week.



Son Ye Jin, B1A4 Baro, Jung Il Woo, Lizzy

The guest of the week was Baro, who was one of the better performers in the entire episode. Good during the samba and match viewing segments, and generally positive and energetic throughout. Ye Jin and Il Woo worked very hard to entertain, which is admirable, but their pranking efforts generally floundered. Lizzy did nothing.

Episode MVP: Jung Jun Ha

Easily the best member this week, Jun Ha worked hard despite the difficult circumstances and played a key role in keeping the mood of the show up.


Final Score: 4

Another somewhat weak episode, although much better than the first Brazil shoot. The segments were varied and generally well-planned, but nothing seemed to really get off the ground this week, leaving the viewer waiting for something to happen for most of the episode. It had the feel of a very difficult shoot for both the cast and crew, who were likely happy to get back to normalcy once it was completed.


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