1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 28 – Escape the Heat Trip

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 28 – Escape the Heat Trip 
Aired: 6/29/2014


The members meet AOA at a water park, then endure a driving mission where they play games to win a car with working AC.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

The opening AOA ‘fanservice’ segment was extremely lame, but that seems to have been the point so it’s mostly forgivable. The main premise of the episode was good, putting the members in a difficult (and entertaining) situation, and while the games were very basic, they were fine given the circumstances. The interactions during the staff vs members plotting around the quiz game was probably one of the episode’s highlights. The show ended on an interesting note, as it seems next week will contain a ‘member revolt’ storyline that explores the grey area between reality and variety.

Postproduction: 6

Typically good music and nice graphics, but the episode consisted of a lot of interior car shots – which is totally fine, but not really something that’s visually appealing or easy to do much with in a postproduction sense.

Featured Music:

Barry Manilow – Copacabana
Billy Joel – Uptown Girl
Miss Claudia & Pornorama – The I Love You Song
Jang Nara – Sweet Dream
AOA – Short Hair
Daybreak – 들었다 놨다
Lee Seung Hwan – As Much As the Love Scattered In the World
Mika – Big Girl
Brown Eyes – Don’t Go, Don’t Go
1TYM – Hot Hot
Katy Perry – California Gurls
Three Six Mafia – It’s a Fight


Cast Scores 

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

Good, strong episode from Tae Hyun, who took the lead as MC during the AOA segment, and whose sly personality and energetic reactions were especially important during a mission focused on making the members exhausted.

Kim Jong Min: 4

Was a bit awkward in the AOA segment, then was sort of the odd man out for most of the rest of the episode.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 5

Decent week from Joo Hyuk, who didn’t stand out too much but was good in the AOA segment and contributed well to the car conversations at times.

Kim Jun Ho: 6

Although he wasn’t in the spotlight as much as in recent weeks, Jun Ho was still good (when he was awake at least). Toned down his antics quite a bit, but still participated well and had some good gags and reactions.

Defconn: 6

Good week from Defconn, who seemed much more energetic and lively this week compared to the past few episodes. Was good in the car conversations and games, and seemed to be making jokes a more comfortably.

Jung Joon Young: 6

Good week from Joon Young, whose reactions during the water slide segment were great, and who was important to the scheming that went on during the games. Somewhat zoned out at times in the car, though.


AOA, who basically just showed up, did an extremely awkward ‘dance’, and left.


Episode MVP: Cha Tae Hyun

Very close this week, as the cast was pretty consistent and there wasn’t much difference between Tae Hyun, Jun Ho, Defconn and Joon Young. However, the nature of the episode was one that really needed Tae Hyun’s energy to succeed, and he provided well.


Final Score: 6

No real hilarious moments this week, but the episode was consistently very good once the intentionally cheesy AOA segment finished. The cast was especially energetic and fun, and it will be very interesting to see how the show presents the ‘member revolution’ hinted at for next week.


4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 28 – Escape the Heat Trip

  1. giving a 7 is such a hard work for you right?!?! seriously. i was looking for some recaps of this show and this site come up. i check it out. every episode every member got 6 as max. somewhere i see a single 7 for CTH and that’s it. it seems like you want the cast to act out instead of being themselves. i think that’s why joonyoung and joo hyuk hardly ever get a 6 because they dont want to act


    • SIx means ‘good’ by the way. Also the last few weeks had some 7’s (ie very good).

      As for Joo Hyuk and Joon Young, they have both had several good episodes, but both have a tendency to fade in and out a bit more than the others who are more consistent. They are still new to this type of show though, and I think both of them are doing great 🙂


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