Infinite Challenge 384 – IC Cheerleading Squad : Beginning of the World Cup

Infinite Challenge 384 – IC Cheerleading Squad : Beginning of the World Cup

Aired: 6/21/2014


Half of the members go to Brazil for the first Korea Republic match, while the other half meet with guests to watch on TV.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

Again, not a great episode structurally, and again it’s largely due to factors beyond the control of the IC staff. They’re having a really bad run of luck since the Sewol/Gil incidents…in this week’s episode, the cast had to be split into two groups, as half of the members couldn’t resolve scheduling conflicts in order to make it to the first match in Brazil. As a result, much of the episode seemed a bit rough, with the Korea team basically just doing some cheering then watching the game on TV, while the Brazil team had to deal with strict FIFA access regulations that further split the team. There were some pretty good segments, such as the opening music “adaptation” segment and the Kim Je Dong conversation bit in the hotel room, but much of the episode was a bit low impact and often resulted in the viewer watching the members watching a game. On the plus side, the Brazil team was composed of the unusual grouping of Hong Chul, Hyung Don, and Jun Ha, and they actually worked quite well together when given the chance. Also, Hong Chul is probably the best MuDo member (Jae Suk included) at “solo” street-level segment hosting , so it was an obvious but good choice to have him take the lead in the Brazil segment

Postproduction: 4

Some pretty good captions at times, but otherwise pretty rudimentary. One minor complaint is that they played a large corporation’s advertisement song repeatedly throughout, which became a bit tedious after awhile.

Music featured:

A bunch of “World Cup” songs from the past and present.


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk was in charge of the “Korea” team, and did a decent enough job at leading the large group that came to watch the match. Had a pretty good ‘nagging’ gag early on, too.

Park Myung Soo: 4

Was OK during the MuDo song ‘remake’ segment, but did almost nothing for the rest of the episode.

Jung Jun Ha: 5

Somewhat of a side character, he nevertheless worked well with his Brazil team partners.

Jung Hyung Don: 6

Hyung Don did not do a lot to stand out this week, but he was very useful in providing the conversational glue that linked his team together.

Ha Ha: 5

HaHa did not feature much, but had some of the better peanut gallery comments during the long match-watch segment.

No Hong Chul: 6

Nothing really special from Hong Chul, but he did well after being given the difficult task of soloing much of the Brazil segment as a ‘reporter’ of sorts. The environment he had to work in was extremely restrictive, but he managed to create plenty of usable footage.



Son Ye Jin, B1A4 Baro, Jung Il Woo, Ji Sang Ryul, Lizzy, Kim Je Dong, Lee Jae Eun, Kim Bum Soo, Seo Jang Hoon, John Park, Sam Ochiri, Lee Kuk Joo

The guest of the week was clearly Je Dong, who provided one of the better segments of the episode with his straight-man performance as the members hijacked his house. Of the large group that watched the match on TV, not a lot happened but Jang Hoon had some good moments as a sort of ‘variety snitcher’, while Baro had good reactions at times.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Almost a default MVP, as Hong Chul had the most (and the most difficult) work this week, and did about as decent of a job as could be expected.


Final Score: 3

A very underwhelming episode due largely to circumstances beyond the show’s control. There were a few decent moments, but in the end, showing the members watching a game for 1/2 of an episode isn’t exactly going to set the variety world on fire.


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