1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 27 – Backpacking #2

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 27 – Backpacking #2
Aired: 6/22/2014


The members spend the night atop Ganwoljae, and play some games along the way.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

Fairly standard 1N2D “part 2” episode, with the night and morning games comprising most of the episode. The games were decent but nothing especially clever or original. Yoo PD also seems to be flip flopping on punishments a lot recently, which is slowly becoming a bit of an issue as it tends to weaken the importance of winning the games in the first place. This isn’t a major problem, but he did promise to be extra harsh early in the new season. The show also seems to be settling into a ‘season 2’ type of mold at times, where the episodes just go from game to game and set to set, as opposed to the more free-form style of season 1. Still, this week’s episode was mostly just average overall. The super long run time remains a problem, however this is something out of the PD’s control.

Postproduction: 7

A continuation from part one’s very high quality standards, the music, graphics, and sound effects were all very well done if not memorable. 1N2D also seems to be making much more use of HD cameras than the other two shows covered in this blog, and all of this results in a program that is beginning to seriously outshine Running Man and Infinite Challenge on an aesthetic level.

Featured Music:

Lee Juk – Run Across the Sky
Kim Hye Yeon – Please Endure It
Sidney Bechet – Si Tu Vois Ma Mere
Cranberries – Ode to My Family
Yoon Jong Shin – Vacation Mania
Winterplay – Scandalizing Me
Kenny G – Silhouette
Julie London – Fly Me to the Moon
Jeon Su Yeon – Cat Day
3 Chongsa – Eat Eat
Hugh Keice – Starry Night
Yang Hee Eun – Evergreens
Mashitta Band – Stones (Scandal OST)
Eric Clapton – Believe In Life
Nami – Round and Round
Robert Palmer – Bad Case of Loving You
David Guetta – Titanium


Cast Scores 

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

Usual good reactions as always, and seemed to be a bit more vocal than usual as well. His Jeon Woo Chi photo bit was a highlight, especially watching how he awkwardly went about getting the shots.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Started out a bit slow, but picked up steam towards the end as he really played up his babo character. In fact, he may have been guilty of overdoing it at times, but he also took the lead in the final segments by trying to weasel out of his punishments and generally being a nuisance that allowed everyone to turn on him.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 4

Almost identical to last week, Joo Hyuk wasn’t bad but really didn’t do much in this one.

Kim Jun Ho: 7

This episode was very much the Kim Jun Ho show, which may be something to keep an eye on – the PDs seem to be giving him more and more screen time and the other members at times seem comfortable as secondary characters to his antics. Whether this is good or bad for the show remains to be seen, but Jun Ho was really at the forefront of nearly everything that happened in this week’s episode.

Defconn: 6

He worked fairly hard, possibly due to the fact that he missed much of the climbing shoot last week, but his results were a bit up and down. His charades segment was pretty good, however, and the good/evil Defconn Camp for Children posters supplied for his photos by the postproduction staff was one of the funnier moments in the episode.

Jung Joon Young: 4

Joon Young did not do much until the very very end, and even then it was just OK.




Episode MVP: Kim Jun Ho

In terms of performance, he was playing his usual sneaky character, but also added in some completely unexpected Game Devil type moments where he miraculously won difficult challenges. While his jokes can sometimes be a bit hit or miss, he was always alert and ready with -something- to add to the segments, and it usually included some or all of the other members as well. This episode was basically centered around Jun Ho, and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues into the future.


Final Score: 5

Jun Ho gave a good individual performance (and Tae Hyun was solid as well), but the other members and the very basic games somewhat evened the show out in terms of quality. There were also some long segments where nothing happened, such as the eating and sleeping segments. All in all it was a pretty typical 1N2D “part 2” episode.


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