Infinite Challenge 382 – We’re Hungry Special

Infinite Challenge 382 – We’re Hungry Special

Aired: 6/7/2014


The members act as tribesmen, with the mission of hunting and gathering food in the wilds of Seoul, then play some games to earn their dream dinners.



Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

The general concept for the main plot was not too bad in theory, and while mildly racist at times, it was somewhat kept to a minimum by Korean TV standards. However, the concept seemed to run out of steam rather quickly, which led to a lot of wandering or sitting around for the members. The second segment was much more banal conceptually, and although the members likely did their best, the games were a bit trite as well. Seemed like a rushed, quickly thrown together episode, which it probably was.

Postproduction: 5

Nothing really notable here.

Music featured:



Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Was good in the first segment, interacting with locals and leading his ‘team’ for most of the segment. Seemed to take a rest in the second half, though.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Was the most active member in terms of providing gags, particularly during otherwise dry segments.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Played off Jae Suk rather well at times, but was likely the least visible member in terms of memorable moments.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Was solid during the first segment, and displayed good energy reacting to the games in the second segment, but was otherwise average.

Ha Ha: 5

Had a funny interaction with a tourist and was one of the more active members during the start of the second segment when they were fighting over food scraps.

No Hong Chul: 5

Seemed to enjoy the concept early on, particularly during the pigeon ‘hunting’ segment, but was otherwise just so-so.




Episode MVP: Park Myung Soo

Pretty much everyone was average at best this week, but Myung Soo managed to lead the way with his gags during some otherwise boring periods so he gets the nod. It seems Myung Soo is developing a bit of a habit of being the best member in the worst episodes recently.


Final Score: 4

The episode started off decently, but quickly became a bit aimless as the members struggled to think of ways to make the concept interesting. The second half was just a generic variety show format. Overall, not really terrible but definitely a bit lackluster.



2 thoughts on “Infinite Challenge 382 – We’re Hungry Special

  1. I’m honestly surprised you still watch variety shows when your ratings are almost always mediocre/average. I’ve seen every episode of these shows too, but always find something to enjoy, which makes even their worst attempts palatable and fun. If I only found them average, I think I would’ve bailed a long time ago – your perseverance is way more impressive than mine! Anyway, thanks for the reviews. I have a lot of fun reading them, and enjoy seeing another perspective, even if I don’t always agree. 🙂


    • Oh, it’s ‘average’ by variety show standards, not ‘average’ by “all of television” standards. An average variety show is still much better than 80% of anything else on TV! The ratings may seem low at times, but a ‘5’ really just means that I found the episode to be no better or worse than the majority of variety shows – which is why a lot of episodes come out around that score. Thanks for commenting, though, I think the Korean variety niche is infinitely interesting and always enjoy hearing what others with a lot of viewing experience think about these shows.


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