1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 25 – Image Discussion/Clip Show (mini review)

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 25 – Image Discussion (Clip Show)
Aired: 6/8/2014


A last-minute emergency recording that resulted from the looming KBS strike. The members gather to watch clips and discuss their images, and a previous cut scene is aired.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 3

While it’s obviously not the staff’s fault that they had to do a recording on one day’s notice, this was nevertheless a clip show (mostly), which is never good. The topic chosen for the group discussion was pretty good, though, and the show itself was almost as good as it could be considering the circumstances.

Postproduction: x

Not really relevant as it was a clip show.

Cast Scores (instead of usual scores, will just briefly comment on anything noteworthy that arose in the conversations)

Cha Tae Hyun:

Tae Hyun participated a lot in the conversation, but didn’t really contribute too much of substance. He mentioned that he initially was reluctant to rejoin the show for season 3 due to loyalty to the fired members, but I believe he’s mentioned this before so it wasn’t really a big deal. He did mention that his hysterical reactions are usually genuine, but that even when he fakes it, nobody can tell.

Kim Jong Min

Jong Min talked about his initial reservations about Joon Young, and alluded to issues with cast members of previous seasons. The members acknowledged his improved consistency and the formation of the combi with Jun ho.

Kim Joo Hyuk:

Joo Hyuk had some of the more interesting moments, and talked about the conflict between his willingness to go 100% variety mode and maintaining his acting career.

Kim Jun Ho:

Jun Ho’s segment was also interesting, as they discussed his slow start on the show and the fact that he literally joined on a day’s notice. They also discussed his emergence as the cast’s gagman and made some veiled jokes about his past gambling issues.


Defconn’s tendency to worry about the show earned him the nickname of “worried pig”. They also talked about his habit of talking too much and his inconsistent joke quality, that often requires the members to fake laughter.

Jung Joon Young:

As the maknae, Joon Young didn’t have much of the conversation centered on him, mostly just commenting on his clips.



Ho Jin PD, who was nicknamed “Sleepy Lobster” by the members due to his droopy eyes and scissors hand gesture he uses when indicating a segment is likely to be cut.

Episode MVP: None

Final Score: 3

There really wasn’t enough material for the clips to be interesting in any way, which was bad. The group conversation was mostly good, however, and at times may have been the funniest the members have been as a group to date. The water balloon deleted scene was OK but nothing special. Still, not too bad for one day’s filming notice, and worth watching if the clip sections are skipped.


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