Infinite Challenge 381 – Election 2014 : The Results

Infinite Challenge 381 – Election 2014 : The Results

Aired: 5/31/2014


The election results for a new leader are in, and then the group goes off to the airport for a surprise visit with Kim Hee Ae.


Staff Scores


Planning and Direction: 4

Although a ‘results’ episode had to be aired as part of the election arc, the final result was a bit lacking as far as entertaining television goes. Splitting up the members into separate rooms (with Jae Suk and Hong Chul alone with only staff members) was likely a bit of a misstep, as it significantly reduced the potential for the members to work together in making something fun out of an activity as inherently boring as sitting down and watching a monitor. The airport segment seemed to be extremely rushed and tacked on to fill airtime, which was likely the case due to the recent scheduling disasters being faced by the MuDo staff.

Postproduction: 6

The graphics team actually did a really good job of maximizing their trademark low-budget-but-amusing visual style, while also including plenty of helpful on-screen information during the voting segment.

Music featured:

John Lennon – Imagine


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 4

Jae Suk was unfortunately isolated from the rest of the members for most of the show, and was essentially stuck with simply watching and reacting to the votes as they came in. He was otherwise average, doing well in the introduction segment for the second part, but being somewhat overly cautious with Kim Hee Ae.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Myung Soo didn’t have a lot to do, but likely tried the most to create some gags with the other members, particularly Hyung Don and Jun Ha. His results were mixed, but at least the effort was there.

Jung Jun Ha: 5

Jun Ha was solid in his minor role this week, working some brief but amusing gags with Hyung Don and Myung Soo during the voting segment. He all but disappeared for the rest of the episode, however.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

The third member of the combi with Myung Soo and Jun Ha, Hyung Don was decent enough playing the straight role to the angry/babo antics of Myung Soo and Jun Ha.

Ha Ha: 3

HaHa was practically invisible in this episode, mostly taking up space and occasionally laughing to the other member’s jokes. There were a lot of moments where HaHa was just awkwardly sitting there while the others talked or worked gags, however.

No Hong Chul: 4

Similar to Jae Suk, Hong Chul was stuck in a room alone with staff, a format that is not really conducive to being funny. He mostly just watched and reacted, then didn’t do much in the following segments either.



Kim Hee Ae, Kim Young Chul, Kim Young Hee PD, MuDo “experts” Kang Myung Suk and Kim Sung Won.

The “experts” returned to weigh in on the election in a segment that turned out to be among the episode’s better moments. Kim Hee Ae was a good sport, but her segment was a bit awkward as a whole. Young Chul did his thing and was decent enough.

Episode MVP: Park Myung Soo

Not really much to pick from this week as nobody really stood out, but Myung Soo was probably the most active member in terms of instigating gags and so on.


Final Score: 3

While Infinite Challenge’s scheduling woes are fairly well-known, this was the episode that seemed to suffer the most from it. The voting was a bit anticlimactic, and separating the key members prevented any opportunity to react together, argue, gloat, and so on. The final segment was pretty much a waste of time. It’s a bit unfair to be too harsh on the show due to the difficulties they are facing, but this episode was really not very good.



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