1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 24 – First Recording Deja Vu #2

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 24 – First Recording Deja Vu #2
Aired: 6/1/2014


The members continue to re-enact the events of the very first episode of 2 Days 1 Night.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

The staff decided to stick with the original show’s concepts this week, which is unfortunate since the second half was the more boring half of episode 1. Without the likes of Hodong, Sugeun, and Hong Chul to keep the energy up, the current members struggled a bit to be funny in the ‘entertaining old people’ segment, and the bokbulbok games were mundane at best. Finally, the episode was incredibly long (100 minutes), and likely would have been much better edited into 60 or 70, as it dragged at several points..

Postproduction: 6

The show looked great, although the music was a bit less interesting than usual, with a slight over-reliance on OST tracks and “regular” 1N2D songs – usually signs that the sound crew was either rushed. or phoning it in.

Music Featured:

Defconn – The Way Rappers Break Up
Shin Jung Rak – My Mother, the Mermaid
MC Sniper – Grassroots (Chuno OST)
Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real
Richard Ellsasser – Chaconne in G Minor
Im Jae Beom – Stigma (Chuno OST)
Jo Sung Woo – Love Theme (M OST)
Hans Zimmer – Washington (12 Years a Slave OST)
Cha Soo Kyung – Can’t Forgive (Temptation of Wife OST)
Jung Yeo Jin – Pocari Sweat CF
Europe – The Final Countdown
Kim Hye Yeon – Please Endure It
Mandy Moore – Stupid Cupid (Princess Diaries OST)
Depapepe – It Was a Good Day
Lucite Rabbit – Thump Thump
Pain of Salvation – Falling
Norihiro Tsuru – Last Carnival
Peppertones – Love & Peace
Jang Se Yoong – Shining the Morning


Cast Scores

Cha Tae Hyun: 5

Tae Hyun had the best reactions as usual, but was much more subdued than he was in last week’s episode.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Jong Min gave a very average variety performance, not great but not bad either.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 4

Joo Hyuk again seemed to mostly be along for the ride, and the ‘make old people laugh’ and bokbulbok segments were not the type best suited to him.

Kim Jun Ho: 6

At times it felt like Jun Ho was trying to carry the episode single-handed, as he was generally hardworking in each of the segments – although this is partially due to the fact that the style of the episode (jokes, gags, etc) were most suited to him out of all the members.

Defconn: 5

Defconn was given the “MC for a Day” role, and did a so-so job with it. He started off well but began to fade a lot as the episode wore on.

Jung Joon Young: 5

Typical Joon Young performance, where he’s invisible for 90% of the episode, but steals the show in the other 10%. His creepy horse performance was one of the episode’s minor highlights.



Eun Ji Won

A bit disappointing that Ji Won was only there as the ‘morning angel’, as opposed to having a more involved role. The brief conversation between Ji Won and the Season 3 cast gave some interesting insights, however. Perhaps the most accurate criticism of Season 3 thus far has been that the cast energy levels seem to drop significantly in the later parts of a shoot, and it was revealed that basically half of the members don’t sleep before filming, and Ji Won noted that Ho Dong played a key role in making sure that nobody acted tired or lazy on screen. These were just briefly mentioned on the show, but were important observations nonetheless.

Episode MVP: Kim Jun Ho

Most of the episode format was well suited to Jun Ho, and he was the most active and visible member as a result. Nothing too memorable from him, but he performed his role as the team’s gagman well enough when needed.


Final Score: 4

Very slow paced, long, and at times boring episode. The mini-gag concert segment was ill-suited for everyone but Jun Ho, and the bokbulboks were very simple and seemed to go on forever. The run-time was a big problem, and although this is more KBS’s doing than the staff’s. it nevertheless resulted in a weak episode.


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