Infinite Challenge 380 – Hong Chul! Let’s Get Married! #1 / Election 2014 : The Vote

Infinite Challenge 380 – Hong Chul! Let’s Get Married! #1 / Election 2014 : The Vote

Aired: 5/24/2014


The members scour the streets of Seoul to find an ideal woman to go on a blind date with Hong Chul, then prepare for voting day.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

The Hong Chul marriage arc is not a bad idea, but is not really the pinnacle of creativity, and has been done in a different format earlier this year. The voting segment was necessary but served mostly as filler, showing the citizen voters and the members addressing the media. Unfortunately, following the very good Hong Chul segment with the very generic voting segment did not work all that well, as the shift was a bit too abrupt as well as a bit frustrating for the viewer. The episode featured a ‘double cliffhanger’, one for each segment, in which neither was resolved. It was a bit disappointing to not only be deprived of a conclusion for the first segment, but for the staff to do the same thing in the second segment is rather cheap and left the episode with a sense of being unfulfilled.

Postproduction: 6

On the other hand, the postproduction was very good, particularly in the early parts of the episode. The captions were snappy, and the graphics did an excellent job of inserting clips and photos to augment the members’ discussions. The voting segment was also well done, with crisp and informative graphics and captions. The sound and music was average.

Music featured:



Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk was solid this week, getting in some decent jokes during the opening group conversation and having some decent interviews with local citizens.

Park Myung Soo: 6

Another good week for Myung Soo, who again played up his character in such a way that allowed others to shine by opposing him. He was heavily targeted during the opening group conversation, and added something of a story to Hyung Don’s voting arc by being a general nuisance. His blind date segment was forgettable, however.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

Jun Ha was very good this week, having some of the best jokes during the group conversation (he even had the staff cracking up a few times) as well as having the best of the ‘blind date’ solo segments, pranking Hyung Don along the way. He was mostly just standing around during the voting segment, however.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Similar to Jae Suk’s performance, Hyung Don was generally solid this week, having some decent citizen interviews and working with Myung Soo as a good/evil combi during the vote segment.

Ha Ha: 4

HaHa seemed to work quite hard for his ‘blind date’ solo segment, but it never really seemed to get going in terms of providing much comedy. He was also a non-factor in the conversation and voting segments.

No Hong Chul: 4

Hong Chul was pretty good during the opening conversation, especially when trying to justify his extremely high standards for a potential girlfriend. However, he was not included in the majority of the blind date segment (as he was the one they were trying to set up) and just did a few wacky poses for the media during the voting segment.




Episode MVP: Jung Jun Ha

Jun Ha started off strong, offering plenty of wry comments in the opening group meeting and then following up by utilizing his vast list of personal contacts to arrange some entertaining meetings for the Hong Chul blind date segment. While certainly not brilliant, Jun Ha was energetic and seemed to be driving most of the entertaining aspects of the episode’s very good first part.


Final Score: 5

An odd episode this week, with a very good first hour and a mostly boring final thirty minutes. The disparity between the two main segments and the double-cliffhanger endings significantly marred the final result, however.



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