Infinite Challenge 379 – Election 2014 : The Final Debate

Infinite Challenge 379 – Election 2014 : The Final Debate

Aired: 5/17/2014


The members form last minute alliances, then engage in the final debate.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

A simple but solid concept (form alliances, hold a debate) that was designed to allow the members free reign to make or break the episode. The editing was good as usual, as well.

Postproduction: 4

The episode was very simple in terms of presentation, which was fine given the subject matter, but a bit bland nonetheless.

Music featured:



Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 6

A good effort from Jae Suk, who did well despite facing a bit of a challenge in performing as MC of the show despite the presence of a debate moderator. While his performance was fairly average, he did manage to get a few good jokes in both segments, and helped a lot in keeping the general mood up.

Park Myung Soo: 6

Very similar to last week’s performance, while his jokes were somewhat predictable, he worked quite hard to add interesting elements to both segments (scheming during the alliance segment, then ‘protesting’ during the debate). He was a bit hit and miss with his comedy, but was useful in advancing the ‘plot’ as it were.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

Jun Ha was one of the better members during the first segment where alliances were formed, showing good reactions and coming up with a few schemes of his own. His screen time diminished during the actual debate, but he still managed to work a combi with HaHa and had one of the funnier moments of the episode, where he pleaded for a merciful end to Hyung Don’s excessively boring video. He was definitely the king of the minor characters this week.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Hyung Don helped advance the plot early by adopting a ‘kingmaker’ role, but didn’t really add a great deal of humor to compliment it. During the debate, he was energetic and had good reactions but was a bit lacking in comedy compared to many of the others present.

Ha Ha: 5

HaHa was pretty good in the alliance segment, but a non-factor during the debate. Not bad, but very average.

No Hong Chul: 6

Compared to the wild performances of the past few episodes, Hong Chul was bit more calm and willing to let the others speak without shouting them down constantly. Bringing the Appah Odiga? PD to the set was one of the more amusing parts of the show, and Hong Chul himself also had some good verbal barbs with the others along the way.



Ji Suk Jin, Sam Hammington, Sam “Ochiri”, PD Kim Yoo Gun, random members of APink, Infinite, BtoB, and Secret (i think…)

Ji Suk Jin was by far the most amusing guest, with his rambling speeches and high level Jae Suk worship providing some of the show’s better moments. Other than PD Kim Yoo Gun who also had some decent moments, the guests were mostly background characters.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

While some of the other members stood out a bit more in each of the two segments, Jae Suk was probably the most consistently good member in this week’s episode. He played the straight man during the alliance segment, but broadened his comedy a bit more during the debate, such as during his scandal spy camera bit and interactions with Myung Soo. Most importantly, perhaps, he managed to keep the show flowing as MC despite the somewhat unusual environment and got some of the better moments out of the guests as well.


Final Score: 6

Good episode that allowed the cast members to use their strengths of talking and plotting, without much interference from the staff. As a result, despite a real stand-out individual performance, almost everyone got some screen time and the member performances were solid to good across the board. The only real criticisms might be a bit of repetitiveness towards the end, and a somewhat drab production at times (notably during the opening segments, where the video quality and lighting were both pretty low). Overall, a fun and energetic episode.



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