Infinite Challenge 378 – Election 2014 : The Campaign

Infinite Challenge 378 – Election 2014 : The Campaign

Aired: 5/10/2014


The members begin their campaigns for the new leader elections.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

Fairly good episode structure, although it was almost a bit too plain at times. The episode took on a format of opening -> campaign -> advertisement -> vote results, which made sense and was easy to follow. The first segment with the staff tricking the members into causing a ‘scandal’ was probably the best one, however, and a bit more focus on scandals and how the members cope with them may have made for a fun episode in itself. On the negative side, the members were split up for much of the episode, and results were very mixed in terms of individual efforts.

Postproduction: 5

Just average work in this regard, solid with no real highlights or lowlights.

Music featured:

Serebro – Mi Mi Mi


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 4

For the most part, Jae Suk was simply average in this episode, however his “advertisement” segment with Young Chul was quite awful, and seemed to go on forever. Its placement was such that it really took a lot of steam out of the show, as well. As most of the episode was solo shoots, Jae Suk didn’t have much opportunity to MC, and didn’t really do a lot with his individual parts to make up for it, unfortunately.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Myung Soo was decent enough this week, providing a lot of the talking material for the group discussions and shooting one of the better advertisement segments. Even though his act (two-faced, cranky, cheap) during these bits is a bit tired and repetitive by this point, he at least seemed to try to make it entertaining.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Very forgettable performance from Jun Ha, who did some stuff in a market then made a very lazy babo-based campaign advertisement. He had some OK moments in the group discussions, however, which is enough to save him from an even lower score.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Hyung Don didn’t really do much of note, but his solo segments were pretty solidly in the middle of the group in terms of quality. Having the idol groups adjust their lyrics to include his name was pretty good, and he seemed to be paying a bit more attention to the group segments than he was last week.

Ha Ha: 4

Similar to Jun Ha, HaHa was pretty boring in this one, going to a pre-school and keeping up his weak ‘loyalty’ character, although his segments were kept short enough to not be especially bad.

No Hong Chul: 7

Hong Chul led the way again this week, as he again seemed to embrace the concept more than the rest and provided most of the best, most creative solo segments as a result. His reactions and comments in the group segments were also solid.



Many cameo guests this week, including but not limited to : Kim Bo Sung, Han Moo, Kim Shin Young, Kim Young Chul, BtoB, Infinite, Secret, APink, Kim Gura, Son Hun Soo, some obscure rapper friends of HaHa.

Nobody really had enough time to make much of an impact, but Hyung Don probably made the most of his guests compared to the others.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Hong Chul worked very hard again this week, and essentially saved the show from being a bit of a debacle as a result (although Myung Soo and Hyung Don helped out a bit as well). Still, Hong Chul provided the vast majority of the laughs this week once again.


Final Score: 4

The opening was quite amusing, but things began to go downhill a bit from there. The episode was mostly just so-so until the advertisement segment, which had several stinkers, and none that were especially great. The vote result segment at the end was also fine, but a bit anticlimactic as it has essentially become a 2-person race already.


3 thoughts on “Infinite Challenge 378 – Election 2014 : The Campaign

  1. My opinion is bit different from yours haha…

    I thought the Yoo Jae Suk campaign segment is brilliant and the others a bit dull and boring


    • Really? Perhaps it has to do with being familiar with the subject being parodied…I just thought it could have been much shorter. The others were a bit of a mixed bag too…but weren’t so long.


      • I agree with you maybe it’s because I’m quite familiar with the subject being parodied, I’ve watched several variety shows with Jo Hyeryun and Lee Youngja, that is probably why I find Kim Youngchul’s impression funny

        anyway thanks for your review, it is pretty interesting 🙂


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