1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 21 – All Or Nothing Trip #3 / Day Trip vs 2 Days 1 Night #1

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 21 – All Or Nothing Trip #3 / Day Trip vs 2 Days 1 Night #1
Aired: 4/13/14


The members finish the trip to Poongdo with some wild goat herding, then begin the next trip, where the members compete for the chance to go home early.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

While the first part of the episode was dreadfully boring (recaps,sleeping, and tedious dinner games),  the wild goat herding was a very good idea, and seems likely to have been the primary reason Poongdo was chosen for a shoot. While the segment itself wasn’t especially thrilling (relying on animals is always a bit iffy in TV), it was a decent enough way to finish off the ‘Unity’ trip. The practice of ending one mission and beginning another halfway through an episode is becoming a bit of a habit for 1N2D though, and is becoming a bit of an issue. The new episode, however, got off to a very good start, as it became immediately clear that the stakes were higher than usual. Half the members would win the chance to go home early, while the other half would be forced to sleep in strange (and awful) locations. The punishment for losing the first game was also quite stiff in itself, as a member of the losing team would have to perform a bungee jump in order to move forward. If this type of high stakes reward/punishment theme continues into the next episode as well, it could turn out to be a memorable arc.

Postproduction: 7

Very good work from the camera staff and video editors, who had a difficult time filming the goat herding but came away with some very nice shots. The graphics, sound, and music were also typically classy.

Music Featured:

Restless Heart – When She Cries
Defconn ft Goo Ji Sung – The Way Rappers Break Up
Don MacLean – Vincent
MC Sniper – Grassroots (Chuno OST)
Lucid Fall – See Wildflowers
Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
Moby – Extreme Ways
Elton John – Circle of Life (Lion King OST)
Yoon Do Hyun – Tarzan
Kwon Soon Oo Band – Orchid Fragrance
Peppertones – Ready Set Go
Brown Eyed Girls – How Come


Cast Scores

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

Good work from Tae Hyun this week, as he was one of the most involved members across all of the major segments, and also delivered his usual great reactions along the way.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Jong Min was solid in this episode, and he worked the hardest of the members during the goat segment. He didn’t have many memorable moments, but stayed active and energetic for the most part.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 5

Joo Hyuk took a bit of a back seat this week, but had some good reactions and comments during the goat and bungee segments.

Kim Jun Ho: 7

Jun Ho definitely led the way this week, as he was the hardest working during the mostly boring bokbulboks, employed some sneaky tactics during the goat segment, and became the lead character during the first part of the new episode as well. While his performance wasn’t especially dynamic, his value to the team as the only experienced comedian was quite apparent in this episode.

Defconn: 4

The member who did the least, Defconn started by whining about the games in the early segments, then became a background character during the goat and bungee segments. He wasn’t outright poor, but was definitely the least engaged member this week.

Jung Joon Young: 5

Joon Young started out slowly, similar to Defconn in terms of mostly being a background character. During the canoe/bungee segment, however, he took one of the leading roles and did well at entertaining by manipulating his way into choosing his own team for the shoot.



Locals and goats.

Episode MVP: Kim Jun Ho

While his comedy is often a bit hit and miss, the fact that he’s consistantly trying to be funny is a definite asset to the show as a whole, as it allows the other members to play off of his jokes and sneaky antics as well. His sneaky weakling hyung variety character is also developing nicely, as it adds entertainment value to the show when Jun Ho is either the victim of punishments for losing, or an unexpected winner. Good effort across all segments this week.


Final Score: 5

The first segment was very dull, which is unfortunate because that’s likely when viewers are going to be checking the show to decide if they want to watch or not. The habit of editing multiple shows together like this is a bit off-putting in general, although the reasons for this can be understandable at times. The final segment featuring the start of the next arc was easily the best of the show, and seems promising for next week as well.



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