Infinite Challenge 377 – Election 2014 : The Choice

Infinite Challenge 377 – Election 2014 : The Choice

Aired: 5/3/2014


After expressing sorrow for the ferry accident and apologizing for Gil, the members introduce their platforms and engage in a debate for the election of a new IC leader.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

As far as last minute emergency episodes go, this was actually quite a good concept, and it was relatively well put together considering the time limitations. It followed a fairly simple format of introduction, planning segment, candidate statements and debate, and came off more or less fine as there was not much need for technical or creative input as it was almost entirely fixed-camera group shots.

Postproduction: 5

Nothing to write home about, there were a few cute graphics and snappy captions but nothing special.

Music featured:

Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill OST)


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk was good in the introduction and as a straight man during the candidate opening statements, but was quite flat and a bit boring during the debate itself, as he mostly played it semi-seriously – although his joke about putting restrictions on member ddong emissions was pretty great.

Park Myung Soo: 6

Myung Soo was quite good this week, his ‘working man’ politician character was fun, and he was engaged in the introduction and debate segments. Myung Soo doesn’t seem interested in actually winning the election, and instead used most of his time as a foil to everyone else, which added to the show as a whole.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

Jun Ha was also pretty good, if a bit overly babo-ish at times. His platform was among the funnier ones (including creating a comedian relegation system with a minor league ‘team’) despite its impracticality. He also was one of the more active members in terms of getting into verbal battles with the others, and contributed regularly throughout the episode.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Hyung Don was quite talkative, and helped a lot in keeping the energy level high, but his platform was among the least interesting and he didn’t have much opportunity to be funny as a result.

Ha Ha: 4

HaHa decided to just play a silly character and make a few tepid gags from time to time rather than get too involved in the verbal combat between the members. He usually struggles in the more talk and wit-intensive episodes, and this was no exception.

No Hong Chul: 7

Hong Chul was definitely the best of the members this week, as he had one of the funnier platforms (revealing everyone’s secrets), and also brought a ton of his trademark crazy guy energy to the shoot.

Gil: N/A

Gil was removed from the show following his DUI, although he did appear in the opening segment so technically he was featured in the episode.



Kim Bo Sung

His appearance was brief, but was fine as he just stayed in character for the most part.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Hong Chul put in a very good performance this episode, as he seemed to really get into the election concept moreso than the others. Also, while he was funny in his own right on many occasions, his platform was also one of the only ones that also allowed the other members to be funny via their opposition to it, which is crucially important when doing a mock debate segment, as it allows for plenty of arguing and back-and-forth humor.


Final Score: 5

While this episode was a bit flat in comparison to many of the other excellent talk-heavy episodes of the past, it was still pretty good overall, especially considering the fact that it was obviously a bit rushed. Some of the comedy bits didn’t really hit the mark and some of the platforms seemed underdeveloped, but the overall concept is strong and the episode had plenty of good moments as well.


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