Running Man ep 194 – Mafia Game #2

Running Man ep 194 – Mafia Game #2

Aired: 5/4/2014


The guests from last week return, and a Running Man style “mafia game” continues..


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 3

While the main mafia game concept had good potential, the execution was a bit lacking in this week’s episode. Strangely, the show started with a 10+ minute long segment showing guest footage from the previous two episodes, which was a bit pointless as it failed to serve much purpose at all other than to take up time. The games were also pretty weak,as they were a revisited grocery game (which went on forever) and a very dull wheelbarrow race that seemed very lazy in terms of game planning. There were also some strange decisions made by the PDs in the construction of mafia game itself. such as saying that the mafia members would know each other’s identities following one of the the games and then not mentioning it again, and having ‘exceptions’ in the final round that greatly reduced the drama of the finale. In general, the episode as a whole seemed like it wasn’t planned very well.

Postproduction: 4

Some good graphics, but the sound and music work was especially lazy this week, as the soundtrack was mostly the usual songs mixed in with random OST songs, which usually indicates that not much effort was put into the music selection. The songs weren’t terrible or annoying, but just failed to serve much purpose.

Songs Featured:

David Arnold & Michael Price – Pursuit (Sherlock Holmes OST)
Sting – Shape of My Heart
A.R. Rahman – Ringa Ringa (Slumdog Millionaire OST)
David Arnold & Michael Price – Number Systems (Sherlock Holmes OST)
Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That
Shinedown – I’m Alive (Avengers OST)


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 4

Jae Suk was eliminated early and did not appear much as a result. He also didn’t seem very interested in the ‘cooking’ side-segment for eliminated members, and plainly shut down Ha Ha’s attempts at creating situational gags without much thought.

Kim Jong Kook: 5

Jong Kook was solid in this episode, and did well to keep the energy level up, but didn’t add a great deal of personality to the games.

Ha Ha: 5

Ha Ha and Man Suk were actually pretty decent in their ‘side’ segment, and Ha Ha seemed to try to create some gags with Jae Suk, but didn’t really get anywhere and didn’t appear afterwards as a result.

Ji Suk Jin: 6

Another good effort from Suk Jin, who had to fill in somewhat for Jae Suk who was out early. He was good in the group discussions and was one of the better members in the way-too-long grocery game, being flustered after numerous failures.

Lee Kwang Soo: 4

Kwang Soo did not do much of anything in the games or conversations.

Gary: 4

Similar to Kwang Soo, Gary was around until the end but did not appear to contribute a great deal, likely due in part to the number of guests.

Song Ji Hyo: 4

Also did not appear much, she had a few moments of arguing during the mafia discussions, but not much else.



Ryu Seung Soo, Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Nan, Im Joo Hwan,  Oh Man Suk, Kim Min Jong, Lee Sang Hwa

The same group from the past few episodes seemed a bit tired out in this week’s episode, although they were still mostly pretty solid. Seung Soo and Joo Hwan were among the better performers this week, members included, but it was nothing special.

Episode MVP: Ji Suk Jin

Another ‘default’ win for Suk Jin, who was the only member who both appeared frequently and provided some decent moments.


Final Score: 3

The episode seemed a bit rushed in concept and filming, and none of the cast or guests really stood out, which resulted in a very dull episode as a whole.



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