Infinite Challenge 374 – World Cup Cheerleading #1

Infinite Challenge 374 – World Cup Cheerleading #1

Aired: 3/29/2014


The members recruit celebrity members for the upcoming World Cup cheerleading project.mdgroup

Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

A bit of a ho-hum episode in terms of structure and content, as it was mostly just talking to potential recruits with a few filler segments tossed in. None of the guests were especially fun and the middle part of the episode dragged as a result.

Postproduction: 5

Some cute graphics and clever captions, but nothing special and the music was almost entirely stock BGM music.

Music featured:



Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk was good in the opening segment, and did reasonably well MCing the talk-heavy guest segments, but didn’t have any really notable moments.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Myung Soo was also good during the opening segments, playing up the ‘gopher’ role well. He disappeared a bit during the guest segments, but was solid during the closing bit.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Jun Ha tried to get involved in some of the conversations but wasn’t very successful until near the end of the episode, where he had a good exchange with being teased about his kid’s pimped out first birthday party.

Jung Hyung Don: 4

Mostly tumbleweeds from Hyung Don this week, as he never really seemed able to get going.

Ha Ha: 5

Ha Ha was a bit hot and cold in this week’s episode, although his cheerleading demonstrations were one of the better comedy bits.

No Hong Chul: 6

Hong Chul was good this week, and contributed well in most of the segments. He had some of the better jabs against the other members, and also had one of the better “preparation” segments in his interactions with Hanbok designer Park Seul Nyeo. He also wasn’t afraid to give the guests a hard time during the ‘interviews’, and his overstimulated knee wrestling assault on Baro which was one of the episode’s better moments. His continued rapid body expansion also provided the others with plenty of gag ammunition.

Gil: 4

A bit of a disappointing episode from Gil, who had a lot of screen time for once due to his role in making the cheering song, but he didn’t really seem to make the most of it and just sort of played it straight.



Park Shin Hye, B1A4 Baro, Jung Il Woo, Park Seul Nyeo

None of the guests were particularly good or bad this week. Shin Hye seemed to have a bit of goofball potential, but her segment was mostly awkward dancing with the members doing the stereotypical idol worship. Jung Il Woo seems to be a legitimate fan of the show, but was a bit reserved in his first appearance. Baro was a good sport, but was basically just a prop for the MuDo members’ jokes.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Hong Chul was clearly the best member this week, as he was consistently among the top contributors across most of the different segments.


Final Score: 4

The opening and closing segments were pretty solid, but the other hour was comprised entirely of mediocre guest segments and filler (like the recording cut) that seemed to drag on far too long. It’s a bit unfortunate that they just threw Ji Sang Ryul’s application into the trash, as the episode could have used a comedian guest and a segment where he appeared only to be rejected horribly probably would have done wonders to break up the monotony of the middle parts. As a whole, the episode was not necessarily bad, but it definitely came off as a bit flat.



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