Running Man ep 190 – Running Man vs Angel Eyes

Running Man ep 190 – Running Man vs Angel Eyes

Aired: 3/23/2014


The members team up to battle the cast of the drama “Angel Eyes” in a series of games to determine who wins a cash prize.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

While the budget for this episode was vastly lower than the recent Australia episodes, the planning  and execution was actually quite good. The games were simple, but not stupid, and worked for the most part (the pressure mat game being an exception). The first game was actually quite fun and fast paced, and the twist was amusing, and the final game was actually somewhat challenging without being too long. The quiz was fine but nothing special. Also, guests seem to be better on Running Man in large groups, as there’s just a higher statistical chance that one will do something interesting. It was good direction to team the guests against the running man members (instead of dividing them into pairs), because the chance for variety “black holes” to appear is much lower in this type of format.

Postproduction: 5

The graphics were also pretty good this week, they were a bit rudimentary but their use alongside multiple camera shots worked well in making it easy to keep track of the games. The music was pretty bad once again, as they once again relied on playing the same old stock music almost constantly throughout the episode.

Songs Featured:

John Barry – James Bond Theme
Delispice – Chau Chau
Jang Kiha and the Faces – I’ve Heard Rumors (Ham Jung Ah & the Yankees cover)
Beethoven – Ode to Joy


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 5

Jae Suk’s MC duties were once again less than usual, as most of the screen time was focused on the games themselves. He was pretty solid, however, and had one of the better jokes of the episode when discussing the complex footwear needs of a variety show professional.

Kim Jong Kook: 6

This was one of Jong Kook’s better episodes in awhile, as he got to showcase more of his personality instead of just being the “Commander” only. He played key roles in each of the segments, and brought good energy to the shoot.

Ha Ha: 4

Ha Ha did not really have any memorable moments this episode, and was drowned out for most of the shoot.

Ji Suk Jin: 5

Similar to Jae Suk, Suk Jin had a solid performance with a few decent moments, with body gags during the stair climbing and some good wisecracks during the quiz.

Lee Kwang Soo: 5

Kwang Soo put in a fairly typical performance as the over-acting character, but toned it down a bit more than usual. He was a bit hit and miss depending on the game, but worked reasonably hard.

Gary: 4

Similar with Ha Ha, Gary was somewhat drowned out by the volume of people on set this week.

Song Ji Hyo: 5

This was one of Ji Hyo’s better performances in quite awhile, as she was energetic and active during the stairwell and pressure mat segments, and also contributed to the member conversations from time to time.



Goo Hye Sun, Seung Ri, Kwon Hae Hyo, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Ji Suk, Kang Ha Neul, Gong Hyung Jin.

For the most part, the guests were a big mass that didn’t really stand out for better or worse. Hae Hyo had some decent moments, and Kang Ha Neul took a pretty good pro-wrestling level bump off the acupressure platform.

Episode MVP: Kim Jong Kook

Jong Kook played a leading role in most of this week’s segments, and finally was able to show a bit more personality that he has been doing recently. A good energetic performance.


Final Score: 6

Good game construction, solid member performances, and non-terrible guests made for an enjoyable Running Man episode this week, proving that indeed less is often more where variety is concerned.


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