1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 16 – No Smoking Trip Part 2

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 16 – No Smoking Trip Part 2
Aired: 3/16/2014


The members play the usual assortment of bokbulboks, while still under the smoking ban.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

Fairly straightforward 1N2D episode in terms of structure this week. Went in the water, played some games, ate some food, and so on. While the “no smoking” rules were still in effect, it was much less of a theme this week, with only Kim Joo Hyuk’s “trial” really revolving around it. The games were so-so, some were better than others. Really, this was a pretty standard 1N2Ds second part episode.

Postproduction: 6

Graphics and captions were good this week, but the music was a bit dull by KBS standards.

Music Featured:

Carl Orff – O Fortuna
Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
Georges Bizet – Carmen (Overture)
Jerry Goldsmith – Theme (Papillon OST)
Ben Howard – Old Pine
Koji Kondo – Ground Theme
DJ Soulscape – The Way We Were
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
The Chaser OST – The Truth is Going Far
John Williams – Imperial March
Dick Dale – Miserlou
Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Three Six Mafia – It’s a Fight


Cast Scores

Cha Tae Hyun: 4

The usual good reactions from Tae Hyun, but his participation was limited due to being a non-smoker.

Kim Jong Min: 6

Good strong episode for Jong Min, who was involved in all of the major segments in one way or another, and was the most energetic member despite being in rough shape from not smoking. Did some good work with Jun Ho and Joo Hyuk, and threw in plenty of body gags as well.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 5

Was OK this week, but seemed to tune out a bit from time to time, likely due to withdrawal symptoms. Also, he could have made the ‘trial’ segment much funnier, but his experienced showed somewhat during that segment.

Kim Jun Ho: 5

Along with Jong Min, Jun Ho was the most active member across the entire episode. Plenty of gags and tricks, but his antics came off a bit forced at times.

Defconn: 5

Defconn was fine, but played mostly a straight man role for much of the episode. Did some semi-MC work to help out as well.

Jung Joon Young: 4

Joon Young wasn’t bad, but definitely seemed to run out of steam compared to the first half of the shoot that aired last week. Was mostly along for the ride this week.



Hong Kyung Min, International Referee Kwon Ki Jong, some coordis

Kyung Min was irrelevant for most of this week’s episode, essentially just being a body for the games. The international referee’s role was also pretty limited.

Episode MVP: Kim Jong Min

Put in the most energetic and diverse performance of the week, and worked hard to make each segment and game work as well as possible.


Final Score: 5

The meta-humor of the ‘no-smoking’ plot was very much dialed down this week compared to last, and the result was a fairly typical 1N2D episode.


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