Running Man ep 188 – Adventure in Australia Part 1

Running Man ep 188 – Adventure in Australia Part 1

Aired: 3/9/2014


The members split into teams, and play some games in Queensland, Australia.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

Somewhat of a mixed bag for this week, as the staff made good choices of filming locations and team pairings. On the down side, the games were extremely simplistic and did not seem to have a lot of thought put into them. For example, “wearing a kangaroo suit and jumping over a bar” is not exactly the pinnacle of Running Man cleverness in game design. The first segment with the diving also went on a bit too long, with almost 25 minutes of people of splashing in water over and over again. The final two segments (shopping and pool dunking) were probably the funniest, and one of them was largely unplanned. Finally, the decision to withhold the meaning of the ‘element’ cards as they relate to the main game was a bit annoying, as it deprives the mini-games of meaning for no real reason – nobody watching is going to be waiting with baited breath for next week just to learn what the plot of the main game is.

Postproduction: 5

The visuals and captions were pretty good, while the music was pretty bad. Running Man is developing a bit of a habit of just playing random songs in the background at times, without showing any real creativity in the selection.

Songs Featured:

Rain – La Song
Plan B OST – Unlimited
Flo Rida – Club Can’t Handle Me
Harry Gregson-Williams – The Giant Fish (Sinbad OST)
Lee Hong Ki – I’m Saying (Heirs OST)
Danny Elfman – End Credit Suite (Charlie & Chocolate Factory OST)
Henry Jackman – Turbo (Turbo OST)
Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around
Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
Green Day – American Idiot
Hanni El Katib – Nobody Move
Robert John – The Lion Sleeps Tonight
James Brown – I Feel Good
Mika – Love Today
John Williams – Jaws Theme


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 6

Jae Suk led the way again this week, although his role was diminished a lot since the rigid structure of the games prevented the need to do a lot of MC work. Nevertheless, he showed good reactions in the helicopter, and had the best moments during the wildlife sanctuary and pool dunking bits – his water zombie gag at the end was one of the episode’s highlights.

Kim Jong Kook: 4

Teamed with Ha-Ha, Jong Kook did not appear much this episode and didn’t really have any notable moments.

Ha Ha: 4

HaHa did not have many moments of note this week, as he and Jong Kook were the least visible team.

Ji Suk Jin: 5

Suk Jin was one of the funnier members in the first two segments, pulling off some bodygags and ‘weak hyung’ humor, but faded a bit later in the show.

Lee Kwang Soo: 5

Kwang Soo did a pretty good job working with Rain, but his ‘schemer’ gags got a bit repetitive towards the end.

Gary: 5

Gary was actually quite good this week, working some gags with Suk Jin and performing his own accidental body gag at the supermarket. He had good energy throughout, though.

Song Ji Hyo: X

Did not appear to schedule conflicts.




Rain,  Kim Woo Bin

Rain was pretty solid as usual, not really delivering any big moments on his own, but working well with Kwang Soo in keeping a plot-line of some sort going. Woo Bin wasn’t terrible, but was forgettable as he was mostly following along quietly.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

This week was pretty close among several members, however Jae Suk gave a good performance despite the fact that he had the weakest partner in terms of variety skill. He did a good job leading the others by example as well, setting up a few gags that everyone could take part in.


Final Score: 4

Not a terrible episode, but without having a main game plot to follow, it became more like an average episode of the Amazing Race at times. Running Man had seemed to finally be moving away from the silly games of late, but this episode was full of them, a problem that was compounded by the fact that some of the games went on a bit too long, likely due to this being made into a multiple-part episode.


9 thoughts on “Running Man ep 188 – Adventure in Australia Part 1

      • Haha, cool! I’m the loyal reader of yours and I love the way you grade each show. Some reviews I totally agree, some I just go huh 🙂 regardless of like or dislike your view, I still have to thank you for a wonderful blog
        Btw, why hasn’t the lastest 1n2d review been posted? Usually you post it on Wed, and I still haven’t seen it by now


      • Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad there’s readers out there that actually enjoy this project. If you ever want to share your agreement/disagreement, feel free 😀

        As for the 1N2D episode, I’ve been busy with work this week, but it’s going up within an hour.


  1. hello, wow thank you for your background music lists,, but do you know the background music when kwangsoo and rain also jaesuk and woobin depart by helicopter after succeed the shipwreck challenge??


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