Infinite Challenge 370 – Jamaica Special + Hyung! Where Are We Going? #2

Infinite Challenge 370 – Jamaica Special + Hyung! Where Are We Going? #2

Aired: 3/1/2014


The Jamaica teams continues their trip, while the Korea team head to snowy Gangwon-do.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

Nothing spectacular in the concept department this week, as everything was pretty straightforward. The Jamaica team highlight was probably the nude beach segment, while the Korea team encountered unexpectedly high levels of snow. Watching people shovel snow is, unsurprisingly, not all that exciting, so it’s hard not to feel that the PD staff could have come up with a better idea for the Korea shoot.

Postproduction: 5

The music choices were mostly generic, but occasionally pretty lame as well. Graphics were solid, the Jamaican flag SKULLS was cute. Captions were fairly typical MuDo fare.

Music featured:

Anthony B – Bad Boy
Olly Murs – Hand on Heart
The Collective – Surrender
Front Page – Who’s That Girl?
Skull – Keep On Pushing
Sigur Ros – Saeglopur
Bob Marley & the Wailers – I Am Going Home
Freddie McGregor – Your Love
Bob Marley – Mr Chatterbox


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Leading the Korea team, Jae Suk was stuck in a difficult segment, shoveling snow for most of the episode. Had a few good interactions with Jun Ha toward the end, however.

Park Myung Soo: 4

Myung Soo was pretty average for the most part, but also had to leave the shoot early due to a prior schedule and thus didn’t appear much.

Jung Jun Ha: 5

Jun Ha was probably the best member of the Korea/Bungee team, providing most of the car conversation and adding some tongue-in-cheek body gags to the snow segment.

Jung Hyung Don: 4

Hyung Don missed some of the shoot due to illness, and seemed a lot worse for wear even once he returned from the hospital, as he didn’t say much for the rest of the episode after returning.

Ha Ha: 5

HaHa was OK if a bit hammy at times, but did a good job interacting with the kids at the end, which is not the easiest thing to do as an MC.

No Hong Chul: 6

While Hong Chul didn’t do anything especially brilliant, he was easily the best member of this week, providing the vast majority of the funny segments. The nude beach segment was a highlight.

Gil: 4

Gil was active and present, but mostly just focused on shoveling snow the entire time.




Skull was again fine, and even added some body comedy with his ajumma style running in the final segment.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Hong Chul took charge for the Jamaica team, being the first to jump from the cliff, going “undercover” at the nude beach, and leading most of the interactions with the kids in the running segment. Easily this week’s MVP.


Final Score: 5

A bit of a mundane episode this week, as the Korea team got stuck in unfavorable filming conditions and the Jamaica team did OK but never really had any highlight moments. Myung Soo and Hyung Don missing parts of the shoot also didn’t help matters. The episode wasn’t bad, but was a bit below expectations for an overseas ‘special’.


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