February Recap

Show rankings for February


1. 2 Days 1 Night

While not having a particular standout episode, 1N2D was bolstered in February by the strong two part “Seoul Time Travelling” episode, which added some creativity to their usual format, as well as by consistently good performances from most of the members.

2. Infinite Challenge

Infinite Challenge was by no means bad in February, but the month consisted of a “one off” episode (Yuts), and two set-up episodes for the Detective and Jamaica arcs. As the episodes were more functional pieces than fully realized plots, there was not much opportunity to stand out.

3. Running Man

Running Man was killed by their first two February episodes, which were full of structural, casting, and editing errors. The final two episodes were much more solid, but not good enough to save RM from last place this month.

Variety Cast Members Top 3 for February


1. Yoo Jae Suk – Infinite Challenge

While Jae Suk did not have many individually brilliant moments in February, he did a very good job in his role as MC when it came to the previously mentioned ‘set-up’ episodes. His work was crucial in establishing these plots, and he was also the funniest member in the one-off Yut episode.

2. Kim Jun Ho – 2 Days 1 Night

Jun Ho continued his hard work on 1N2D, keeping up his role as the cast’s primary gagman, but also adding a bit more of a ‘sneaky’ character that other members could easily react to. He also seemed to be forming a combi with Jong Min, which greatly aided the latter’s performances as well.

3. Park Myung Soo – Infinite Challenge

Myung Soo continued to shake off his recent bout of ‘gag paralysis’, as he led the way for IC in February when it came to straightforward comedy. That being said, Myung Soo was still a bit inconsistent, as he showed a tendency to start out strong and then fade in each of the three episodes this month.

Variety Cast Members Bottom 3 for February

1. Gary – Running Man

Gary had a rough go of it in February, either being massively cut, crowded out by guests, or put in groups full of ‘talkers’ that he had no chance of competing with for air time.

2. Song Ji Hyo – Running Man

Ji Hyo was mostly neither bad nor good, but suffered enormous cuts in the Winter Olympics episode, which dropped her below Jong Kook and Suk Jin.

3. Kim Jong Kook / Ji Suk Jin – Running Man (tie)

Similar to Ji Hyo, neither was especially good or bad, generally being mediocre with a handful of episodes where they didn’t contribute anything of note.

Guests Top 3 for February


1. Heo Cham – 2 Days 1 Night

Heo Cham stole the show in the episode in which he appeared, creating an ultra fast-paced segment that could not have turned out any better.

2. Hong Jin Young – Infinite Challenge

Even though she only appeared for a few minutes during a ‘flashback’ scene, her acting with Myung Soo was one of the highlights of the episode in which she appeared.

3. CN Blue – Running Man

Even though they didn’t do anything special, CN Blue brought their usual good energy to the shoot, which helped in maintaining the flow of the episode. For the most part, they just did the games without trying to add anything, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Guests Bottom Three for February

1. Miscellaneous D-list Idols – Running Man

From the Winter Olympics episode, most of the guests were entertainment black holes (except for Son Jo Hoon). Since I could’t tell most of them apart, they get last place as a group.

2. Uhm Jung Hwa – Running Man

Kind of annoying and creepy looking, sitting through her full ‘fortune’ reading was one of the less pleasant variety moments in February.

3. Lee Seul Gi – 1N2D

The co-host alongside Heo Cham, she was awkward and showed the personality of a cardboard box.



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