Infinite Challenge 369 – Jamaica Special + Hyung! Where Are We Going? #1

Infinite Challenge 369 – Jamaica Special + Hyung! Where Are We Going? #1

Aired: 2/22/2014


The Jamaica team begins their trip, while the others roam the countryside in search of something to do.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

The show was well put together, organized in the form of staff meetings at the beginning and then following up with the first parts of the resulting segments. Showing the conversations that led to the two arcs was effective in setting each of them up nicely. The “breaking update” nature of the Jamaica arc also helped build interest in a fun way. Finally, the staff probably made the best choice possible for which three members would go to Jamaica, choosing the three most energetic guys. Since Jae Suk couldn’t go to lead the way, choosing the energetic members is likely the best way to get decent footage even if filming plans don’t work out.

Postproduction: 7

Very good this week, particularly the captions and visuals which were clever and added greatly to the segments. The “Slap Day” newsreel and peek-a-boo Bolt effect were highlights, but there was an overall improvement from recent weeks throughout. Music and sound was average at best.

Music featured:

Bruno Mars “Treasure”
Musiq Soulchild “Feel the Fire”
Skrillex & Damien Marley “Make It Burn Dem”
Skull “Keep On Pushing”
Alexandra Stan “Mr. Saxobeat”


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 6

Jae Suk was solid as usual this week, leading the way in both the opening and the ‘Bungee Team’ segments. In addition to his MC work, he was particularly funny during the talking segment, both when making fun of Jun Ha’s mannerisms and when going over the details of the ‘Slap Day’ gag.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Myung Soo started off well during the opening talking segments, but dropped off a bit during the Bungee Team shoot.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

The center of attention for most of the early talking segments, Jun Ha provided plenty of material for the others to attack. He was also one of the better members during the Bungee Team shoot, working well with Jae Suk.

Jung Hyung Don: 6

Hyung Don was good this week, and played an important role as the ‘glue’ of the Jamaica team, bridging the gap between HaHa’s hosting and Hong Chul’s wackiness.

Ha Ha: 6

HaHa didn’t provide a lot of laughs in and of himself, but his genuine excitement and enthusiasm for Jamaica translated well to the viewer, and helped to build interest for the project. He also had some good ideas during the Twitter segments.

No Hong Chul: 6

Hong Chul was strong in both the talking and Jamaica Team segments, providing most of the laughs for the latter by being the ‘weird’ guy at the airport, and trying to reassure the others about his driving on the wrong side of the road.

Gil: 5

Gil was actually pretty good during the opening segments, clashing with Ha Ha and Jun Ha and coming up with the ‘Slap Day’ gag. However, he really hammed it up on the Bungee Team shoot.




Skull was perfectly fine in his appearance, but he’s not really a good variety show personality. However, he doesn’t try to be one either, which is actually a benefit for this role as the Jamaica ‘guide’ of the group.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

Difficult to pick one person, as everyone was pretty solid. However Jae Suk was probably the funniest member when they were all together, and also did his best with the Bungee Team despite the fact that they didn’t seem to have much of a plan for this part of the shoot.


Final Score: 6

This actually turned out to be a pretty good episode, with the meeting segment where the shoots were planned being a particular highlight. The Jamaica team also did very well, especially considering they didn’t have Jae Suk and arrived after 48 hours of travelling due to weather delays. The Bungee Team segment was a bit dull thus far, although the PDs and Jae Suk cleverly tried to make being dull the subject of most of the jokes in the segment. Lively production and member performances across the board made this a good solid first episode for the arcs in question, but would have been better had the Bungee Team’s segment been a bit stronger.


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