Running Man ep 185 – The One From Running Star

RmgirlRunning Man ep 185 – The One From Running Star

Aired: 2/16/2014


The partake in a parody of “You Who Came From the Stars”, as they attempt to solve the mystery person style mission.

Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 3

While not a total disaster, this week’s episode had a bunch of problems, mostly in the final mission. The opening missions were fairly straightforward and uncomplicated, and worked pretty much as designed, although there were a few confusing cuts during the penny-flipping game. The final mission, on the other hand, had a bunch of perplexing structural and editing problems. The final game was far too scripted (in a not-interesting way), and the fact that the ‘hero’ character had unlimited uses of time-stopping powers was a bit too much, which seriously interfered with the flow of the game. There was also another instance of eliminations being cut without informing the viewer, and then showing them later in flashback montages. Cuts are fine if necessary and done properly, but removing multiple eliminations without mention, then continuing the game and not explaining what happened until the end leaves the viewer confused as to what is actually going on at any given moment. It’s a really, really basic mistake that seems to be happening a lot in recent episodes.

Postproduction: 4

Generally boring all across the board this week.

Songs Featured:

Lyn “My Destiny”


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk: 7

Jae Suk was in the female lead role of the parody, and did an excellent job at providing humorous interactions with the other members, especially HaHa. Jae Suk worked hard from beginning to end, and produced a high volume of comedy per second as a result

 Kim Jong Kook: 5

Again, Jong Kook stuck to his standard character role, and was fine.

Ha Ha: 7

For some reason, HaHa tends to really shine in character-acting and/or costumed episodes, and this week was no exception. HaHa was one of the main characters, and was energetic in his actions and sharp with his tongue throughout. His reaction/pose at the very last scene (outside the spaceship) was possibly one of the funnier bits HaHa has done in his entire time on RM. He also worked excellently with Jae Suk as the MuDo combi of RM.

Ji Suk Jin: 4


Lee Kwang Soo: 6

Kwang Soo was one of the better members in the opening game, but was eliminated quickly. He was solidly entertaining in the other games as well, however, and had a good supporting performance.

Gary: 4

Wherefore art thou, Gary? Massively cut.

Song Ji Hyo: 5

Ji Hyo got a lot of screen time for a change, and the result was perfectly mediocre.



None. (Thankfully..)

Episode MVP: HaHa

The HaHa-JaeSuk combi essentially stole the show, as they put in a very high quality performance in an otherwise weak episode. While fans of the specific drama being parodied might be disappointed, the fact that there were no guests turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it resulted in the HaHa/Jae Suk pairing. With guests this episode could have been much, much worse.

rmhAHA (2)

Final Score: 5

This is a very difficult one to grade, as the show itself had a lot of problems but there were also some of the stronger individual member performances of the year so far.  Overall, it seemed mostly to balance itself out.


2 thoughts on “Running Man ep 185 – The One From Running Star

  1. One of the worst episodes in Running Man history. Boring from begining to end. No at least slightly interesting mission instead boring cuts from the drama. Confusing events, imbalanced powers. “If he can stop the time why cant he rip KJK’s Nametag?” This episode is the best example of how Running Man should NOT be.


    • Yeah…I thought YJS and HaHa did well in terms of comedy in the second half, but I can see why someone who watches RM mostly for the games would hate this one – the ‘game’ was pretty much a disaster.


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