Infinite Challenge 366 – 2014 Cheerleading Project Part 1

Infinite Challenge 366 – 2014 Cheerleading Project Part 1

Aired: 1/25/2014


The first major project of the year is announced as cheerleading, with a goal to attend the World Cup in Brazil. The members practice cheering for local people, then begin planning the long-term project.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

Considering this was a bit of a ‘filler’ episode, it was very well put together. The five segments (introduction, practice, real life cheering, planning and recruiting) were all edited in a way that allowed the show to flow without any one segment becoming boring. None of the segments were of particular genius, but were all solid.

Postproduction: 6

Good work from the postproduction staff this week, the graphics were amusing and the captions in particular were especially snappy.

Music featured: Some ‘jock-jam’ type remix of Hey Mickey.


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 7

Jae Suk was very good this week, his MCing was especially fluid and he also contributed some quality jokes of his own. Calling Myung-Soo “Ojombi” as he staggered off to the restroom was particularly hilarious.

Park Myung Soo: 7

As this episode featured a lot of body gags and talking, Myung Soo was in his element and did not disappoint. He was at the center of many of the episode’s funnier conversations.

Jung Jun Ha: 6

For the first time since his weight loss, Jun Ha seemed to be alert and active throughout the episode. He did well responding to the attacks against him from Myung Soo and Hong Chul, and contributed some good moments during the practice segment.

Jung Hyung Don: 7

While he never had any real ‘wow’ moments, this episode really highlighted just how important Hyung Don is to the group conversation dynamic. He may contribute the most dialogue of all the members other than Jae Suk, and is constantly offering small but solid quips on any given topic, while also showing a very strong sense of which conversations should live or die. He also served as the MC during the recruitment segment, and did well.

Ha Ha: 6

Considering this episode was mostly based on verbal and physical comedy, Ha Ha did surprisingly well. While he’s usually weak in these types of episodes, he picked his spots quite well this week as opposed to simply screaming nonsense, and had some good lines as a result.

No Hong Chul: 6

Hong Chul was good as well in this episode, being energetic during the cheerleading bits and active with reactions (and attacks on Jun Ha) during the conversation segments. Was also OK during the recruitment segment, including embarrassingly calling APink “Girl’s Day”.

Gil: 5

A decent week for Gil, as he actually had some pretty good barbs toward the others during the early talking segments. He somewhat dropped in performance toward the end, though.



BEAST, 4Minute, APink, EXO, B1A4

The pop groups only appeared briefly as they were asked to contribute members to the World Cup cheerleading squad. Of the guests, EXO and APink provided the most energetic appearances.

Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk

While Hyung Don was very active and Myung Soo provided most of the pure comedy, Jae Suk contributed the most overall. While this is largely due to his job as MC, his finesse in directing the group conversations was excellent, and his MC work when dealing with members of the public (such as business executives and students) was crucial to making the cheering segments successful. When added to the fact that he also had some really good jokes of his own, his overall performance was very good.


Final Score: 7

This week’s episode was a ‘transitional’ episode for IC, where the segments seemed somewhat improvised, possibly due in part to the failure of the Milan and Jamaica trips. However, due to the tight editing and the strong member performances, the episode turned out to be a very lighthearted and enjoyable one.


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