Infinite Challenge 365 – What If…? Part 3

Infinite Challenge 365 – What If…? Part 3

Aired: 1/18/2014


The We Got Married parody wraps up with a housewarming party, and Myung Soo becomes Korea’s greatest MC – then dies.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

The housewarming party was pretty simple in its direction, but well done nonetheless. Myung Soo’s segment was hit and miss, it took a bit too long to introduce the main concept, with the reporter interviews, awards shows, and meeting with the MBC department chief taking up a lot of time. The tug-of-war segment was really fun in an intentionally corny, over the top way, though.

Postproduction: 6

The music and sound was so-so, but the captions and intentionally cheesy graphics were good in this week’s episode.

Music featured: Laura Jansen “Wicked World”, Renee Olstead “Love That Will Last”, Lee Hong Ki “I’m Saying”,


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 5

Jae Suk was OK this week, he was funny during the housewarming segment but seemed a bit lackluster during Myung Soo’s segment..

Park Myung Soo: 6

Myung Soo was pretty good, but slightly disappointing considering he was the main for a segment devoted entirely to him. He carried it well enough, but didn’t really stand out with any really hilarious bits. This may partially be due to the editing, as they left in a lot of parts where Myung Soo was simply talking in character as the ‘best MC’ in order to establish the plot. Was good during the housewarming party and tug-of-war segments, however.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Jun Ha was present but not really involved in either of the week’s segments.

Jung Hyung Don: 4

Similarly to Jun Ha, Hyung Don was on screen now and then but didn’t have a lot to do.

Ha Ha: 6

Ha Ha was very energetic during the housewarming party, and also was probably the best of the other members during Myung Soo’s segments as well.

No Hong Chul: 5

Hong Chul didn’t have much to do this week, but he was fine in his housewarming segment role and had good reactions to Myung Soo’s segment while in the peanut gallery.

Gil: 3

Gil was not present in the housewarming segment, and had almost nothing from the peanut gallery make the cut. He was just a mute body for most of Myung Soo’s segments as well. At one point in the end, Jae Suk even made a joke about Gil being seen as a romantic guy now, and Gil just looked at him without saying anything, which basically sums up his showing in the episode.



Jang Yoon Ju, Various MBC staff and employees, some random American extras, and Maeng Seung Ji!

Yoon Ju was good again, but her appearance was a lot shorter than last week. It was also good to see Seung Ji return, as she has been really funny in past guest roles.The rest of the guests were just props for the scenes being filmed.

Episode MVP: Park Myung Soo 

Myung Soo had 3/4 of the episode devoted to him, so unless he royally screwed up it would be difficult for him not to be the MVP. He was a bit so-so during his main segment, but also was one of the better members during the housewarming segment as well as in the peanut gallery.


Final Score: 6

This episode was a bit tricky in terms of reviewing, hovering between a 5 (average) and a 6 (good). The set-up segments for Myung Soo’s segment went on for a very long time while repeating the same basic “Myung Soo acts the opposite of real life” joke over and over, and became a bit tedious after awhile. The opening housewarming segment was very good, however, and the ending ‘future of real-variety’ tug-of-war was absurd genius, somehow managing to be both incredibly stupid and clever satire at the same time. The cheerful ‘judge’ standing on a highwire while people plummet to their deaths being a particular highlight.


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