Infinite Challenge 364 – What If…? Part 2

Infinite Challenge 363 – What If…? Part 2

Aired: 1/11/2014


The We Got Married parodies continue.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 5

Very simple setup, with location shoots plus the IC members in a one camera peanut gallery shot throughout the episode. As the episode is primarily a parody of WGM, the show somewhat wrote itself. Most of the segments were decent, if not memorable, excepting the shopping segment which was tedious and went on a bit too long.

Postproduction: 5

Again, simple but adequate editing and captions this week.

Cast Scores


Yoo Jae Suk : 4

Surprisingly weak performance from Jae Suk, who was leading the peanut gallery for most of the episode. He didn’t have very many funny moments however, and often kept repeating the same lazy jokes over and over, especially during the Gil + Kim Sook segments.

Park Myung Soo: 5

Myung Soo was OK, and while didn’t really contribute anything especially great, he was easily the best member during the housewarming dinner segment, where he worked particularly well with guest Jang Yoon Ju.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Jun Ha seemed content to sit and watch the show for most of the episode, only breaking his silence to make the occasional lazy joke.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Hyung Don was among the most active and alert members in the peanut gallery, and consistently showed the best reactions.

Ha Ha: 4

Ha Ha was fairly active, but spent a lot of time just mimicking what others were saying and shouting nonsense.

No Hong Chul: 6

Hong Chul was pretty good in his main role, although at times he acted as if this was an actual WGM episode as opposite to a comedic parody. This may have been how he was directed to do it, but it resulted in a lot of unfunny screen time. His natural energy and skill in ‘real world’ environment skits kept the segments from being boring, though, and he did do a professional job in allowing Yoon Ju many opportunities to be funny herself.

Gil: 6

Gil was one of the main characters again, and again did fine. While he was a bit awkward at times, which made some of the shots seem a bit too hokey, he also had some pretty solid jokes along the way.



Jang Yoon Ju, Kim Sook, Baek Bo Ram, Jung Ga Eun

Simply put, the real star of this episode was Jang Yoon Ju. She did really well and was actually the driving force in many of the segments with the much more experienced Hong Chul. Yoon Ju is beginning to look like something of a ‘blue chip’ variety prospect. She has natural confidence and charisma, but also has the invaluable ability to know when to be funny – her timing is really great for someone without a comedy background. She also demonstrated some potential in physical comedy, as her natural body language and somewhat…unusual face are inherently amusing, especially when combined with her large model’s frame. Finally, she has seemed comfortable when putting herself in ridiculous situations, something many non-comedians struggle with. Top notch guest appearance from Jang Yoon Ju.

Kim Sook was also solid in her guest role, although she was somewhat overshadowed by the sheer level of energy Hong Chul and Yoon Ju brought to the episode. Gil is also a much more difficult partner to be funny with when compared to Hong Chul, who is probably the easiest IC member to ad-lib with. That being said, Sook did a solidly professional job in her guest role. Her jealous act and inappropriate excitement were amusing enough, but didn’t provide any really stunning moments of comedy.

Bo Ram and Ga Eun were just there to do assist with a minor comedy bit, and didn’t contribute anything specific to the show.

Episode MVP: Gil 


Difficult to select a cast MVP this week, as the real MVP was Jang Yoon Ju. None of the peanut gallery members stood out, and Hong Chul spent most of the episode playing the concept in a straight manner as opposed to a comedic one. This leaves Gil, who was good but not great, but had a few more funny moments than Hong Chul during both the main segments and in the peanut gallery.

Final Score: 5

The episode was a bit on the bland side in terms of plot, and at times seemed a little bit too much like an actual WGM episode. The IC peanut gallery was a big disappointment this episode, as their jokes seemed very uninspired and repetitive. The guests were very good however, and their performances basically salvaged the episode. It is risky to rely on guests to carry an episode, however, so hopefully this doesn’t become a habit for IC.


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