1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 7 – North Gyeonggi-do Trip

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep. 7 – North Gyeonggi-do Trip

Aired: 1/12/2014


The members head north of Seoul into Gyeonggi-do province, where they are promised an easy shoot – but nothing is ever that simple on 1 Night 2 Days.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 4

While the premise of tricking the members by promising an easy trip, then hitting them with a death march was good in theory, it wasn’t really executed consistently or effectively. The missions were not -that- bad compared to both other shows and past 1N2D episodes, which made the results a tad disappointing. The ice-climbing segment went on for 30 minutes or more, and was neither funny, interesting, or exciting. The bike riding segment was also a bit boring, but didn’t go on too long, so it wasn’t that bad. The African culture segment came off as being a bit unfocused in terms of what it wanted to achieve and how it planned to be funny, but wasn’t terribly insensitive or anything, which is a bit of a relief. The best segment was at the very end with the beginning of the bokbulbok games, but the PD staff is saving the rest of it for next week. Overall, a strong general concept that was let down by generally weak individual segments.

Postproduction: 6

Good work by the graphics and sound teams this week, with amusing musical cues and graphics that were simple but effective in assisting the narrative. Captions were pretty basic and didn’t stand out much.


Cast Scores

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

Tae Hyun continues his consistently energetic performances in this episode. Again, he wasn’t especially funny on his own but he contributed throughout with his reactions and energy.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Jong Min wasn’t a big factor in this episode, but kept busy enough to have a decent performance.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 4

A bit of a quiet day for Joo Hyuk. His part took up a lot of time during the ice climbing segment, which was pretty dull. He worked hard as usual but was a bit underwhelming this week, as the segments were designed in a way that made it difficult for Joo Hyuk to stand out.

Kim Jun Ho: 6

Jun Ho continues to improve as his comfort level rises. He’s becoming the team’s go-to gagman, and worked very hard this week in all segments with his reactions and body gags. He may have been a bit over-exaggerated at times, but it is forgivable as the segments planned by the staff were a bit dull in their design – so his overacting actually benefited the scenes in many instances.

Defconn: 5

Defconn did enough to stay involved, but wasn’t really good or bad this week – just average.

Jung Joon Young: 4

Joon Young didn’t  do much in this episode, although the staff is partially to blame due to the way the segments were designed. The segments were not variety newbie-friendly, as they did not provide the members with easy ways to show reactions or amusing comments. As a result, Joon Young seemed a bit lost and spent most of the episode sort of following along with the other more experienced members.



International Referee Kwon Ki Jong, some ‘African’ musicians.

The International Referee was only on briefly this week, and the African musicians were fine but their segment seemed a bit ill-planned, chaotic, and heavily edited.

Episode MVP: Kim Jun Ho


Final Score: 4

This week’s episode was a bit weak, failing to live up to the potential showed during the introduction. None of the segments were anything special, and the African one appeared particularly senseless and hastily edited together. The cast, however, was quite energetic and hardworking this week but were let down a bit by the nature of the shoots.


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