Infinite Challenge 363 – What If…? Part 1

Infinite Challenge 363 – What If…? Part 1

Aired: 1/4/2014


The members each create a set of ‘what if?’ moments that could have changed the history of Infinite Challenge, resulting in the theme of “What if….Gil and Hong Chul got married?” being randomly selected.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

Good concept for the show, and very smart casting for the guest roles. One thing that Infinite Challenge tends to do better than other shows is in casting guests, as they seem to realize that having an entertaining guest is more valuable in the long run than having a boring guest with a bigger name. Otherwise, the direction was fairly straightforward given the concept. Also, while it’s understandable that We Got Married is in ratings trouble and needs some help, there were a few too many moments of random WGM praise left in the final cut, which got a bit annoying after awhile.

Postproduction: 5

Very average, some of the captions were clever but the overall sound and graphics were very generic.


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 6

Jae Suk was easily the funniest member this week, getting in lots of jokes during the introduction and planning segments, as well as the segments with Kim Sook and the ending with Gil and Euni. Nothing out of this world, but a really nice and consistent performance.

Park Myung Soo: 4

Once again Myung Soo faded into the background, something that even the PD captions noted has been a problem of late.

Jung Jun Ha: 4

Jun Ha again seemed a bit tired or uninterested this week, and allowed several opportunities to be funny pass by during the the first few segments.

Jung Hyung Don: 5

Hyung Don didn’t appear much due to the episode’s format, but he was vital in contributing dialogue to the introduction and planning segments.

Ha Ha: 4

Similar to Myung Soo, Ha Ha has not been appearing on screen much in recent episodes. While he’s always struggled a bit to stay visible on Infinite Challenge, he seems a bit more lost than usual these days.

No Hong Chul: 6

Hong Chul was one of the main characters this week, and did a solid job. He was one of the funniest members during the introduction, and his reactions during the planning segment were also very strong. He also contributed a lot in narrating situations as an MC would. However, his nervous/shy guy act was a bit overdone and went on a little bit too long during the main segments.

Gil: 5

The other main character of this week, Gil wasn’t especially entertaining but carried his segments well enough. For the final segment with Euni, it’s interesting that the PDs sent in Jae Suk to help out, as if they were worried that Gil wouldn’t be able to carry the bit himself. While Jae Suk definitely helped raise the level of the segment, Gil was actually doing fine on his own, which was good to see.



Jang Yoon Ju, Song Euni, Kim Sook

All of the guests were great this week, and turned in some of the episode’s best performances. While Yoon Ju has a background in modelling rather than entertainment, she continues to compliment her naturally charming personality with a good understanding of variety skills. Yoon Ju actually led Hong Chul through several bits during their segments together, and turned in a strong overall performance.

Euni and Sooki are comedy veterans, and are extremely reliable variety guests that almost always meet expectations. Euni was featured more prominently this week, and did very well leading Gil into funny conversations, while still getting her own jokes in as well. Kim Sook only appeared briefly, but played the part of the reluctant participant to good effect.


Episode MVP: Yoo Jae Suk 

While Hong Chul also had a good episode, he faded a bit during his solo segments while Jae Suk finished very strongly during the city camping segment. Jae Suk was also probably the funniest member overall this week.

Final Score: 6

Good solid episode that changed pace just enough to keep the segments from getting boring. While the episode wasn’t really special in any way, the high quality performances from each of the guests injected some freshness and helped make this an enjoyable episode.


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