Infinite Challenge 361 – Introducing My Lonely Friends part 2

Infinite Challenge 361 – Introducing My Lonely Friends part 2

Aired: 12/21/2013


The guests arrive, and the lonely friends party begins!


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 6

While the format was fairly basic, the games selected worked quite well with a large group, and the sets were bright and festive. The casting was so-so, but some of the casting crew’s last minute additions ended up providing some of the better moments.

Postproduction: 6

Pretty good captions, although it was obviously a bit hard to keep up with everything that was going on.


Cast Scores

Yoo Jae Suk : 6

Jae Suk was mostly playing traffic cop this episode, trying to keep order in a room of people trying to be heard. As such, he didn’t have many chances to be funny himself, but he kept the energy level high as a good MC should.

Park Myung Soo: 4

Myung Soo uncharacteristically disappeared into the crowd, and next to nothing was heard from him after the introduction segments.

Jung Jun Ha: 5

Jun Ha did OK, but was overshadowed by the sheer number of quicker-tongued comedians on set.

Jung Hyung Don: 6

Hyung Don seemed up for this, as this is the type of episode that highlights his skills with body gags and general crazy behavior.


Ha Ha: 5

Didn’t have a lot of chances to stand out from the crowd, but he was working hard and brought good energy to the set.

No Hong Chul: 6

Another good episode from Hong Chul, who also got to use his body gags and crazy personality to full effect. However, he also had most of the funny lines among the members and generally seemed to be on top of the situation, despite how crazy it was with so many guests.

Gil: 5

Stuck on the left with Jun Ha, Gil didn’t get to say much, and usually got shot down immediately when he did. Fortunately for him, this actually became a gag in itself and he did a good job playing it up.


A lot of guests here, as that’s the point of the episode. Guests included Ji Sang Ryul, Kim Young Chul, Ahn Young Mi, Park Hui Soon, Yang Pyung, Narsha, SNSD Sunny, Daesung, Kim Na Young, Kim Jae Dong, Shin Sung Woo, Ryu Seung Soo, and Jin Goo. Among them, Young Mi, Sang Ryul, Na Young and particularly Yang Pyung provided most of the entertainment. It seems Ha Ha was right about Yang Pyung…he doesn’t really have to say anything, just his presence is enough. On the other hand, Seung Soo and Jin Goo were practically invisible for most of the episode. The rest all did well enough considering the situation.


Episode MVP: No Hong Chul

Final Score: 6

The episode didn’t have any outstanding individual moments, but the overall feeling was quite fun and the segments were all well constructed which helped the show move along reasonably quickly,




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