1 Night 2 Days S3 ep 3 – What Men Live By part 1

1 Night 2 Days S3 ep 3 – What Men Live By part 1

Aired: 12/15/2013


The cast embark on a race against time to gather camping supplies before sundown.


Staff Scores

Planning and Direction: 7

Ho Jin PD is definitely keeping his word about being more ruthless, as the members must compete against both time and each other to get camping supplies – there’s no option to sleep indoors other than travel to Busan to get an RV, which is basically impossible. The main concept of the episode is very good, as it contains many options for the members to choose, and thus a lot of potential variety for the viewer. The mini-games themselves are also all pretty good in terms of being both amusing and relative quick to complete. Finally, the fact that the staff bought the rusty truck from the previous episode – Gangwon 8- is a stroke of genius.

Postproduction: 6

Pretty standard stuff, with the usual good sound work from KBS, but average graphics – although the home shopping overlay for Joo Hyuk’s fish speech was pretty good.


Cast Scores

Cha Tae Hyun: 6

While Tae Hyun didn’t do a great deal on his own, his hysterical reactions to the others in his group definitely added to the energy of the segments.

Kim Jong Min: 5

Jong Min was fine, but never really got much going in this episode.

Kim Joo Hyuk: 6

While he started off a bit slowly, Joo Hyuk got better as the episode improved, and his fish expert bit was pretty impressive.

Kim Jun Ho: 5

Jun Ho was OK once again, but still hasn’t really done anything particularly memorable.

Defconn: 7

Very good performance from Defconn, from beginning to end. The shaving segment was probably the highlight of the episode, but he was solid throughout the episode. Importantly, Defconn stepped up to take the lead and keep the conversation going during the in-between segments as well, such as when driving in the truck or transitioning between shoots. Only three episodes in, and Defconn is already possibly the most important member of the cast.

Jung Joon Young: 6

Another solid performance from Joon Young, who kept his babo/weirdo persona going once again. He’s also beginning to adapt well to playing off the others as he gets more comfortable, and is showing that he has some natural comedy present in his words and mannerisms.



Ryu Geun Ji, Gangwon 8

Geun Ji did a very nice job in his waiter role, and helped to make what could have been a difficult scene work well. Gangwon 8 is the new Sanggeun.

Episode MVP: Defconn


Final Score: 7

Good show, none of the segments were weak and a few (gas pumping, shaving) were a lot of fun. The episode was very active and fast paced, and the members are already beginning to gel, which is nothing short of a miracle in variety terms – having the best quality show of the week on your third try is an achievement.




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