Infinite Challenge ep. 358 – Milan vs Jamaica

Infinite Challenge ep. 358 – Milan vs Jamaica

Aired: 11/30/13


The members go to a photo shoot to create portfolios in anticipation of Milan fashion week, compete in a reggae battle to earn tickets to Jamaica, and receive their first round of replies from modelling agencies.


Staff Scores

Concept and direction: 4

While they have had great success with modelling episodes in the past, the lack of a particular theme made this episode’s modelling scenes a bit dry. The reggae battle probably seemed like a good idea, but floundered badly, resulting in a lot of cuts. The final segment was very basic, but probably the best of the three. However, planning a show around “take some photos, do reggae, read emails” is pretty weaksauce.

Postproduction: 5

The music choices were boring but the captions and graphics were fine, nothing special.



Yoo Jae Suk: 4

Extremely rare weak performance from Jae Suk, as his MC duties were minimal due to the show’s structure, and his reggae bit was painfully unfunny. Otherwise did not contribute a great deal this ep.

Park Myung Soo : 6

While he was mediocre for most of the ep, Myung Soo was the best member in the final segment, comparing Jun Ha to Richard Kiel as Jaws and blaming his modelling failures on anti-Asian sentiment.

Jung Jun Ha : 6

Jun Ha was solid throughout the episode, doing enough to be useful in each of the three segments.


Jung Hyung Don : 5

Not bad, but spent most of the episode in the peanut gallery with Ha Ha and did little else.

Ha Ha : 5

Stuck in the peanut gallery with Hyung Don, had a few moment heckling the others but nothing special.

No Hong Chul: 7

Good outing for Hong Chul, the DOL+I was cranked up to 11 at a time when it was needed to provide energy to a somewhat lackluster episode. Was the best in the generally poor reggae segment, and deserves credit for the hard work he put in while preparing for this challenge.

Gil: 6

Gil was good in a support role this ep, probably the best in the modelling segment, playing well off Hong Chul and acting like a fish out of water during the shoot itself.


A bunch of modelling people, Skull, and some Jamaican guys. Nobody really contributed anything of note.

Episode MVP: No Hong Chul


Final Grade: 4

Somewhat weak episode. Even though it was a ‘set-up’ show, the planning seemed a bit lazy and as a result the segments became too drawn out at times. Limiting Jae-Suk’s opportunities to MC and direct the flow didn’t help matters.


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